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    The Side Effects of Risperdal - My Story

    18 months ago

    Risperdal can have severe side effects which I experienced myself after being prescribed the medication. This article follows my personal journey from debilitating effects to recovery, which shed light on what can be seen in people who due to their illness don't have a voice.

  • My Salvation Story

    My Salvation Story

    5 years ago

    This is my testimony about how I met Jesus and became a Christian. It was a journey I traveled my whole life to a point of an encounter with God and spiritual awakening. I always say I didn't choice Jesus he reached down and chose me!

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    Why Is High Functioning ASD Left Undiagnosed in Girls?

    10 months ago

    The number of girls diagnosed with high functioning ASD, what used to be classified as Asperger's Syndrome, is growing. It is not that there are more girls with ASD but that awareness that girls can have autism too is being disseminated. Austistic Spectrum Disorder is no longer just a boy zone.

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    Where is God in the Pain

    5 years ago

    The hardest faith test for Christians is when there is pain. Sometimes it's hard to find where a God we believe is a reflection of perfect love is when we are hurting. Why is this happening to me? Why would God allow me to suffer so badly? Josie Adams tackles this difficult question.

  • Melatonin - a Natural Sleep Remedy

    Melatonin - a Natural Sleep Remedy

    5 years ago

    With so many drugs available for sleep difficulties Melatonin naturally occurs in our bodies. This article looks at the effectiveness of Melatonin at various doses and answers questions of interactions of Melatonin with other medications.

  • Top 5 Red Flags - Online Dating

    Top 5 Red Flags - Online Dating

    5 years ago

    The world of online dating is part of our society and it's changed the game where courtship is concerned. When 50 years ago you dated people you met through friends or relatives, these days we are left to wade through strangers in the online dating world.

  • 3 Tips on Leaving a Toxic Relationship

    3 Tips on Leaving a Toxic Relationship

    5 years ago

    Leaving a toxic person with Narcissistic, Sociopath and/or psychopathic traits is something that needs thought and planning. These people are pure evil and won't let you go without unleashing hell!

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    Use of Risperdal in Behavior Management

    10 months ago

    Managing challenging behavior and irritability in children and adults with Austism (ASD), ADHD and/or intellectual disabilities often involves the use of Risperdal (Risperidone) which can have risky side effects

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    Buying a Horse Float for Beginners

    5 years ago

    Deciding to buy a horse float for the first time can seem like a daunting experience. You may have borrowed other peoples horse floats for your horses before, or maybe you have no experience whatsoever, but there is a huge learning curve that many...

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    How I Stopped Taking Zoloft: Should You Taper off or Quit Cold Turkey?

    18 months ago

    If you are trying to taper off Zoloft, or if you quit cold turkey and are experiencing side effects or withdrawal symptoms, you are not alone. Getting off Zoloft is not always easy.


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