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A software developer both by interests and profession. Started my journey from hubpages as an article writer but turned into a Software Developer.

Turned 24 recently in August 2014. I am extremely busy since last 2-3 years but if you notice any issue in my articles, Your suggestions are kindly invited. I will try to resolve it as soon as I will get some free time.

Little information about Me:

Deals with businesses all around the globe. Achieved success on time (Analogy may differ) and exponentially increasing. Almost, All of my projects have been rated full till now. Beside profession, I am working on some personal projects that may one day boom the growth rate of whole world to great heights. There are some personal facts that power up mine this dream to become a reality.

One of the project that I am envisioning is a mega spaceship that could be able to sustain the earth like environment and atmospher inside it. So, I could be able to traverse whole universe without depending on ecosystem of other planets. Well, The start date of this project would be around 2040.

A quote in my mind: "Think big! Do Big! And live passionately".

Krishna :)

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