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I live in Port Moresby, Papua New Guineas Capital City, its in the South Pacific, a country just above Australia, very tropical. English is my second language, i speak two native languages fluently apart from Pigin which is a lingua franca intruduced by the Germans during the colonial days.

I enjoy writing, poetry, painting, listening to music and reading. I also love travelling and meeting new people and i hope my hubs will excite you with my experiences as i go through life. I am an avid believer that we only live once and whatever we do, we must do it to the best of our ability because i've been told life is no rehearsal.

I hope you enjoy my hubs and i recommend your constructive criticism for self improvement as a writer.

hope you enjoy my hubs.

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  • 41st Independence Celebrations (a Poem)

    41st Independence Celebrations (a Poem)

    17 months ago

  • Papua New Guinean Men, when will you arise?

    Papua New Guinean Men, when will you arise?

    20 months ago

    Intoxicated with pride They never let an opinion glide Not a simple ifs or buts for their's is the first and last They thrive on pride and feed on fear Consumed and blind, compassion is no way near. They...

  • What is Love - a Poem

    What is Love - a Poem

    20 months ago

    I am so numb when it comes to love... It is not like how i would go out of my way to make a relationship work only to mess it up. Once in a while the heart is rekindled but the sparkle dont last. It comes and goes...

  • Moresby Promise in your Face...

    Moresby Promise in your Face...

    20 months ago

    Engine revs Benzene burns Piston explodes wheels turns Gear changes, wheels paces Fears constant, feeling content. In the rear view mirror You're ontop of your game Tyre grips the tarmac Nostalgia hits...

  • Elevator knows it all

    Elevator knows it all

    10 months ago

    I pick you up and drop you off Sometimes on time sometimes off Moments that dont matter The silence and the chatter I hear them all... Sometimes heavy Sometimes not The squeezing and easing I carry them...



    10 months ago

    The night is late, alone cold drizly night street lights shine yellow light piercing the dark night. hardened pavement beneath the feet wet and glistering shadows of night, not a soul in sight, only random cars...