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JanTutor profile image

Jan Thompson (JanTutor)

Joined 8 years ago from London, England




Also follow me on:

Education is my passion - It is I believe, the greatest social leveller - it matters not whether you are a cleaner or a countess, a dustbin man or a duke - because a good education can transcend every social barrier and put an individual on a sound foundation, upon which, they can build a future and achieve every conceivable ambition!

Through my business, The Association of Professional Tutors I aim to ensure that students and tutors alike are able to conduct their transactions in a safe, dependable and well-managed manner, while providing a flexible, yet sound regulatory environment. We promote fair competition, encourage innovative development, and support the economy of private tuition. As a proponent of self governance, APT is tireless about maintaining best industry practices.

I have also worked as a corporate and private tutor for more than a decade and can boast a genuine 100% pass rate, During my time as a subject adviser with ILEX I was responsible for 100's of students undertaking Jurisprudence (legal philosophy).

I'm not only about work - I'm a fun loving woman with an insatiable zest for life. I love life, the tears too ... I'm also a bit of a master in the kitchen! OK, so self praise is no recommendation but watch this space ... I will share some of my favourite foodie experiences with you.

Aside from food, I love legal debate especially on those matters that potentially affect my daily life, for example contract law, tort (negligence, nuisance, defamation), constitutional law (human rights, right to protest etc). From time to time I write short stories, I've even been known to comment on topical headlines ;-) Join my fan club for the thought-provoking and some fun !

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    5 years ago

    What role, if any, does gender play in explaining criminal behaviour? My writing of this hub has in part been inspired by a conversation had with hubber JanieK13. I see this as one of a series - I am charged enough to want to focus upon criminals...



    8 years ago

    Shakespeare portrays Caliban as a natural man ‘on whose nature, nurture can never stick.’ This essay will explore the presentation of Caliban’s character and how it contrasts with that of the (so-called) civilised characters. In this his...

  • Shakespeare's Portia The Feminist

    Shakespeare's Portia The Feminist

    8 years ago

    The women of Shakespeare’s plays are an interesting subject matter and Portia is one of the most discussed and interpreted female characters produced by the Bard. This paper will consider Shakespeare’s depiction of Portia. An essay of this type...