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Used to be a squidoo lensmaster. Now starting a new life again here at hubpages.

R.I.P. Squidoo :(

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  • The Wonder Tree (Synopsis)

    The Wonder Tree (Synopsis)

    6 years ago

    On the desert of Arabia, there was a tribe ruled by Ali Ben. One evening his daughter Zuleika ran to him and told him that there was a stranger going to their tribe. The newcomer told them that the great Sheik ben Nedi...

  • The Ramayana (Synopsis)

    The Ramayana (Synopsis)

    8 months ago

    In Ayodia there are festivities all over as the day has arrived when King Dasa-ratha will be crowning his eldest son, Rama, as the future King. But there is sorrow and anger in one part - that being with Kaikeyi - one...

  • The Donkey Cart (Synopsis)

    The Donkey Cart (Synopsis)

    3 years ago

    Sometimes you need to rely on real evidences before believing on something...

  • Filipino Cheesy Lines

    Filipino Cheesy Lines

    3 years ago

    Here are some ideas that can be told to someone. These are cheesy lines used in the Philippines.