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  • Mao Sui recommended Himself

    Mao Sui recommended Himself

    17 months ago

    Mao Sui recommends himself, the idiom serves as a metaphor for someone that must be brave enough and responsible enough to deal with thing.

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    A Random Note

    3 years ago

    Hear my words, hear my cry. When I tell thee to leave my cursed home, or feel the wrath from beyond! A typical Castle-and-Cursed-Prince Story, but very interesting.

  • The Wishing Cheese

    The Wishing Cheese

    17 months ago

    the battle of Golden Cheese and Red Cheese

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    Frost on Freenet: True Anonymous File Sharing System

    10 years ago

    Frost is a p2p app that works on top of Freenet. You need to have Freenet working to use Frost. Freenet is an Network over the Internet which provides true anonymity. With starting Freenet on your machine you are running a local Datastore on...

  • 44

    How to Fix a Gas Fire That Keeps Going Out

    4 months ago

    Learn why your gas fire keeps going out—even when it still seems on—and how you can fix this.

  • 3

    History of Chinese Shoes

    12 years ago

    The earliest shoes in China were made by tanned animal hide. They are ancester of leather boots. In the ancient script engraved on bone and tortoise shell it depicts a whole animal hide was trimmed and stretched out. This would indicate that, at the...

  • 2

    Weird Slimy Vegetables and Recipes

    12 years ago

      Mucilaginous foods, such as okra, Chinese yams, lotus root, and natto, are widely promoted as being very healthy. The large ratio of mucin contained in such foods helps safeguard and repair the mucous membranes of the body. Eating these foods...

  • 27

    UK Shoe Sizes and Conversion Charts to EU and US Sizes

    7 years ago

    China uses European standard for clothes and shoe sizes. EU standard recommends that shoes should be labelled with the foot lengths for which they are suitable, measured in centimetres. I haven’t bought any shoes for a couple of years since I...

  • 2

    Beds through the ages

    7 years ago

    Roman bed frames were quite simple, and were made from wood or iron. Rich Romans liked to cover them with exotic fabrics. The Roman poet Martial tells of one man who pretended to be ill so that people would visit him in bed and admire his covers....


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