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Jonathan Wylie profile image

Jonathan Wylie

Joined 7 years ago from Iowa, USA. Last activity 2 weeks ago.




Also follow me on:

Digital Learning Consultant for Grant Wood AEA. Educator, Writer, Blogger & Edtech Trainer. Father of two, husband of one, and an iPad guru!

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    • Edit URL?

      Edit URL?

      4 months ago

      So...if I wanted to change the URL of a published that impossible? Or can mods/editors do that? Can I do it? I changed my keywords that I wanted to target as I wrote the article and would like to add those...

    • Hubpages Adsense vs Amazon Earnings

      Hubpages Adsense vs Amazon Earnings

      12 months ago

      Last month, and in other recent months, my Amazon earnings are almost twice as much as my Ad Program earnings, yet, every month, I get notices from Hubpages saying that they removed Amazon capsules from my articles. I...

    • Negative Amazon Balance

      Negative Amazon Balance

      16 months ago

      So, I have a negative Amazon balance this month. Is that because someone returned something? Another reason? It was almost $20 so it is not an insignificant amount given my usual monthly earnings here.

    • Snipped Links on Niche Sites

      Snipped Links on Niche Sites

      22 months ago

      I am noticing a trend that sees a lot, if not all, of my outgoing links are removed when an articles is published on a niche site. I would love to have an explanation for that. I am not linking to spammy content, and...

    • Is getting phased out? If not, should it?

      Is getting phased out? If not, should it?

      22 months ago

      I have been looking at the traffic on my 35 hubs and the ones at the top of the list are almost all on the network sites. Those are the ones getting the most views, and I would expect that those are the ones that are...

    • New (Sub) Categories for Hubs

      New (Sub) Categories for Hubs

      2 years ago

      Is there a way to suggest new sub-categories for hubs? I write a lot of articles for teachers to help them integrate technology in the classroom, but I can't ever find a category that directly relates to that other than...

    • Earnings per Hub

      Earnings per Hub

      2 years ago

      So, I am sure this has been asked before or talked about. I just would love to hear what the latest ideas are on this because I for one would like to know which of my articles are earning the most money each month. I am...

    • 1099 Tax Forms

      1099 Tax Forms

      3 years ago

      For US writers, does anyone know when 1099 forms are being sent out??

    • Checking Copied Hubs

      Checking Copied Hubs

      3 years ago

      How often are hubs that have been flagged for copyright infringements re-checked.I have filed some DMCA complaints and seem to have had the offending content removed on other sites, but the little red c is still listed...

    • Re-posting in other places

      Re-posting in other places

      3 years ago

      So...I feel like I may have asked this before, but I forget, and the circumstances may be a little different, (albeit the answer probably the same).Anyway, a very large corporate company, that you will all have heard...

    • No response to DMCA request

      No response to DMCA request

      3 years ago

      So, I have two hubs that have been copied by the same site - I have sent DMCA notices to the company that is responsible for hosting this site, but have received no reply for a...

    • Profile background images

      Profile background images

      4 years ago

      Is there a recommended size (in pixels) for custom background images on your profile page? Does anyone have a profile with a custom background that they can show me? Thanks.

    • List price lower than Amazon price

      List price lower than Amazon price

      4 years ago

      I thought I saw a discussion on this recently but I can't find it now, but is there somewhere where we can report an Amazon product that has a list price lower than the Amazon price? What is the best thing to do in a...

    • Image Size of Profile Article Thumbnails

      Image Size of Profile Article Thumbnails

      4 years ago

      Maybe there is a way to do this already, (and if there is, please let me know), but I would like the chance to...1) Pick which image is used as the featured thumbnail image when an article appears on your profile, or on...

    • The Value or Otherwise of Cross Posting

      The Value or Otherwise of Cross Posting

      4 years ago

      I was approached by a company who saw some of my hubs and was interested in cross-posting them to their own blog for their readers. They would include credits, links etc, but I was a little unsure of whether to do that...

    • Earnings Disappeared

      Earnings Disappeared

      4 years ago

      This month I have steadily seen an increase in my earnings. By lunch time today, it had reached a certain amount, but by tonight it had dropped by almost $5. Why would that be? Is there a precedence for something like...

    • How do you research keywords?

      How do you research keywords?

      4 years ago

      What are your strategies for finding good keywords for articles, and what factors do you associate with a good keyword or keyword phrase?

    • Still having image display issues

      Still having image display issues

      4 years ago

      I am still having issues with images on Hubpages displaying properly. It is on and off but today the whole front page was scrambled and no profile images were loading. On some of my hubs I would have one or more picture...

    • Help me get this hub featured?

      Help me get this hub featured?

      4 years ago

      I recently published this hub...but it was not deemed of a high enough quality. Only trouble is, you get very little feedback to why that is. Would anyone care to hazard a guess for me? This is the first hub I have...

    • Do you update titles when you update articles?

      Do you update titles when you update articles?

      4 years ago

      If you go back and update an article that is not getting many views, do you change the title? If so, does this change the URL, and basically make it a new article in the eyes of search engines?