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Kamalesh050 profile image


Joined 7 years ago from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India. Last activity 4 days ago.




Write poems , short articles and stories - whatever and whenever come to my mind. I find writing a great way to keep myself occupied on creative things and indeed it relaxes my mind and gives me a lot of pleasure.

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  • Books, Literature, and Writing (8)
  • I Shall Try Not to See You Again!

    I Shall Try Not to See You Again!

    6 months ago

  • Oh no,  I cannot stay alone in the flat at night!

    Oh no, I cannot stay alone in the flat at night!

    11 months ago

    Sudip and I had been friends since our childhood. We lived in the same town, went to the same school , same college and thereafter he went to Mumbai to join an industry whilst I took up service in a Bank in Kolkata. However we kept in touch with...

  • What Should Be Done With Jane's Picture?

    What Should Be Done With Jane's Picture?

    3 days ago

    Amrit’s parents died in a tragic road accident years ago. He was their only son and was living far away from home studying in a college. It was so hard for him to continue his studies with the very little money his parents had set aside for him....

  • Sing, Dance and Laugh!

    Sing, Dance and Laugh!

    23 months ago

    I have intended to bring some fun in this poem. What I am basicvally trying to convey is that we should sing, laugh and dance to keep ourselves fit and well and enjoy our life to the best we can.

  • A Plea of the Hill touched my heart!

    A Plea of the Hill touched my heart!

    13 months ago

    I took a birds' eye viw of the town from atop a hill which looked lovely as a picture. While departing I felt that the hill was sad to see me go and as if asking me to visit again. I promised I will.

  • I Remember You, Christina Homes!

    I Remember You, Christina Homes!

    4 days ago

    She was always on the move and looked very elegant in her attire. I had no idea where she was from, where did she go everyday and why she was found always on her own. I must say I was very eager to know about her. I didn’t know what but there...

  • The Bench Looks So Vacant!

    The Bench Looks So Vacant!

    3 days ago

    Many years back. It was middle of summer and the day was excessively hot. I returned home at about 8 AM having travelled overnight by train from Delhi. After lunch I was lying on the sofa and watching some interesting programme on the television....

  • Vicky, the Young Boy, Was a Jewel!

    Vicky, the Young Boy, Was a Jewel!

    4 days ago

    Vicky, a young boy, was very popular in the town who was very jolly and always busy in helping others. He was a dear friend to one and all. His tragic death brought the entire town to a halt.