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I am a qualified IT Network Engineer, passionate Article Marketer and writer of various topics. I also have a passion for movies, as I once owned and operated a retail/rental DVD store. I am also a casual electronic, board and card games player and one to try and get into understanding others passion for ‘gaming’. Addicted to coffee and I been known to break out in different accents and humorous voices on occasion, much to the chagrin of family and friends, my current personal favourite voice is the 'Movie Voice Over guy' (the legendary Don LaFontaine).

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Born and raised in Sydney, I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia, where I am discovering great culture, beautiful food and some truly awesome places to holiday or visit.

HubPages is a great resource for showcasing your writingand you have an opportunity to earn money for your articles through AdSense, the eBay EPN Network (if you have an existing account) and Amazon. If this sounds like you, get started here.

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Hubcamps are formal/informal classes about writing hubs by Hubbersand these classes are operated by Hubpages staff, so being rather popular and yet currently only available to hubbers living in the US and the UK. So in leiu of such events and Hubcamps being primarily in the US, on the 17th February 2011, Jase, along with three other Melbournites attended the inaugaral Australian Hubmeet. With Hubmeets, it provides an opportunity for fellow hubbers living near each other to get together, share ideas, exchange information and skills and also to be social. Setup by Suzanne a fellow Melbourne hubber, read about it in a hub for writers in Melbourne, and see the official response from Hubpages HQ in their blog.

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