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Kendra Dobson is a writer who has worked in hospitality, front of house at theaters and concert venues, and for media production compnaies. She transitioned from perm to natural hair in 2009, and has plenty of tips for how she grew her natural 4C hair long and healthy. As a woman of color, Kendra has a unique view of the entertainment industry, writing, TV, and movies. Her Hub expresses her unique views with readers.

She writes, produces, and directs work that explores underrepresented American experiences. She uses multi-media, producing art in audio drama (or fiction podcast) to challenge our imaginations while deconstructing a traditional gaze or mindset around an image. Her company name, 3240 Entertainment, was inspired by the speed of sound as it travels through gold, which is 3240 meters per second. Gold, moreover, represents the ideas of understanding, common belief, and value in her debut speculative fiction project entitled Columbus Myth. Other media produced by 3240 Entertainment includes augmented reality, video games, comic books, a stageplay, video and other forms of literature. Donate to Kendra Dobson's company, 3240 Entertainment and write the amount gifted off your taxes by following directions found on her website. Or go directly to the Austin Creative Alliance Website and donate to the sponsored project, 3240 Entertainment.
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