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I live in Florida, a 32 year old mother of 6! Yup I said it mother of 6. I am very busy with that lol! I planned 5 children (I know I'm a bit crazy) - I just love children - and I always wanted a large close family like my grandparents. My husband agreed. I work from home, so that I can be there for my children. Once the youngest grows up some (he is 2) I hope to continue my college education and finish my RN degree. I have 6 years in college becuase I have changed my major many times as life has thrown me curve balls. I majored in Criminal Justice, Elementary Education and now Nursing - I think nursing will be better suited to the needs of the family and my constant need to keep from not being bored. I hope to have work once my children are older, helping to save lives in an emergency room somewhere, or in a flight helicopter. Currently I spend my days, working, taking care of the family, our many animals and rescues, studying the bible and surfing the internet.

Foward to 2015...and everything went up in smoke...follow our journey...http://www.gofundme.com/smithfamilyfire

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