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I live in a small village on the South Island of New Zealand. I love walking, reading, spending time in the garden and are a bit of an internet junkie. My husband, and I dream of one day owning a lifestyle plot with a breath-taking view of the mountains, living the good life. Till then, the traditional kiwi quarter acre section will have to do but, there is nothing to stop us enjoying as much of the good life as we can right now. About four years ago we started growing our own vegetables using organic growing principles wherever we can. My husband loves baking sourdough bread and bakes all our bread. He developed his own bread recipes which you can find on the Sourdough lens. Our two Jack Russel dogs ensure there is never a dull moment around here :-)

Update: About a month ago moved to a couple of acres with a view of, at the moment, snowcapped, mountains. Excited as we are starting form scratch so I am sure I will learn a whole lot of new skills. I am looking forward to using Hubpages as both a resource and to share some of my new skills.

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