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I'm an animal lover, certified nutritionist and animal behaviorist, and a small business owner. Writing has been my number one passion since I was four years old, and my first publication came in 1993. I currently have four books on the market; two sci-fi/fantasy novels (The Sandavalova and The Bull Runner), a short-story compilation (The Book of Nefarious Intrigues), and a non-fiction book about surviving metastatic colorectal cancer without chemotherapy (A Semicolon Kind of Life; Living and Healing with Colorectal Cancer).

I've spent the past four years counseling and motivating other cancer patients to utilize diet and other holistic methods to treat their disease. Though I do not subscribe to chemotherapy being an effectual tool to treat cancer, I do not dissuade others from trying it. My opinions are primarily based on my own experiences and the ten years of research I've acquired on the subject.

One of my other passions is animals and I plan on writing more articles on many various topics relating to them including "pet" care, and animal welfare/rights advocacy.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the reads. :)

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