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Student by day, writer by night.

I have a broad range of interests including science, crime and criminals, cats, internet security, philosophy and books, which you could definitely interpret as signs of being a geek, creepy, a crazy cat lady, paranoid, absent-minded and a bookworm. These are all labels that I take in my stride.

Aside from these interests, I also thoroughly enjoy writing for Hubpages and being an active part of the community, whether that be through posting on forums or commenting on and reading others' Hubs. I'm still a relative newbie compared to most, but I've found that Hubpages has already broadened my horizons and got me interested in topics that I wouldn't have thought twice about before joining. I look forward to seeing what other transformative effects this site has on me in the coming months and years!

My current goals for myself are to publish 15 hubs by the end of January, which I'm well on the way to doing, and to read five Hubs a day (where my schedule permits).

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