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Before I was aware of how much I love to write, and what the difference is between effective and non-effective writing, I would grapple with the thought of writing a three page essay for hours at a time. Never was I just too lazy to write; I wanted to write, but getting three whole pages of content, for me was like running a marathon. As soon as I made the distinction between the two however, it was a struggle to limit myself to only three pages for an essay.

Now when I need to write a short and sweet Bio online, I’m not sure where to start; I’m not sure where to end. I’ll give a brief view of myself and hope my readers will message me with questions if they want.

I was born and aged in Michigan, right in and around the Grand Rapids area. I left when I became 16, winding up in Chicago. I began squatting soon after I got to the windy city and started my romance with Heroin. At that time, I had been using everything else for four years already, so I had few reservations about trying it. Over a span of close to 10 years, I voyaged North America back and forth. Most of my time was spent in California; I lived in numerous cities from North to South. I grew tired 3 years ago and came back to Michigan to start school.

I graduated from Grand Rapids Community College last night, April 29, receiving an associates degree. I am going to attend Ferris State University to pursue a degree in social work. I’m married now, with child. My daughters name is Wren Adelle Esterley, and I am not kidding, she melts hearts. She has Down Syndrome and I couldn’t be happier about it. I am trying to raise her with plenty of love of course, but also with music.

I love music of too many artists to list here. I also play an acoustic guitar and I make electronic music. I'm now getting into web design with some classes on it.

I know, my bio requires much explanation, but, I think I got the jest of it. See you all on my page. And thanks for reading too, that was nice of you.

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