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I’m a person who found the way to achieve my dreams and know exactly what I want. I feel great with my life and want to do my best for everything. I would like to share all my knowledge to make peoples’ life wonderful. I hope everyone, who comes to read my hubs, can enjoy and it will bring something useful to their lives.

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    "Thai Flower Dumplings" Recipe

    6 years ago

    Thai flower dumpling is a challenging Thai cuisine recipe as it needs a little bit of artistic ability and perseverance. I think you can tell by the way why I am telling you this and as you see the above picture. Many...

  • Get To Know Thai Royal Food

    Get To Know Thai Royal Food

    7 years ago

    In the Thai chronical had recorded Thai Royal Food that begining before Ayuthaya still a metropolitan of Thailand. The golden era of culture brought to many revolution and development of Thai food. This time...

  • The Health Benefits of Thai Herbs and Spices

    The Health Benefits of Thai Herbs and Spices

    7 years ago

    Thai food is well known around the world because of its taste,nutrition and containing small amount of fat. Many researchers found that Thai food provides high nutrition with health benefits. In the past, before the...

  • IELTS Speaking Practice Test (Part I)

    IELTS Speaking Practice Test (Part I)

    7 years ago

     IELTS speaking test is the most difficult part for some people. In my opinion, speaking English on a regular basis each day is not difficult. We can talk all day and we have a lot of topics to talk about. People love...