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  • Should Schools Teach the Bible as a Mandated Curriculm?

    Should Schools Teach the Bible as a Mandated Curriculm?

    22 months ago

    One of the most revered books in the history of mankind is the Bible. Should it be legally mandated in public education? The Bible is a book translated for many denominations and by many cultures .

  • The Bones Are Talking

    The Bones Are Talking

    22 months ago

    Desecration of grave sites will lead to loss of family and loss of civilization. We must respect the bones, and must not destroy our legacy.

  • When is it too late?

    When is it too late?

    21 months ago

    This article is about Sacred Grounds and Preservation of Mankind's Heritage and the right to live in a safe unpolluted environment, and to respect the burial grounds and people of the past and future.

  • My Treasure Might Cause a Flood

    My Treasure Might Cause a Flood

    22 months ago

    This is remembering the ones I loved and that loved me unconditionally. What greater treasure can anyone have from the beginning of life to the passing of time through the ages? The flood is coming.

  • Pros and Cons of Slaughtering Horses in Oklahoma

    Pros and Cons of Slaughtering Horses in Oklahoma

    20 months ago

    Big decisions bring about permanent outcomes in the extinction of our horses in Oklahoma. Will we see our horses gone along with our Spanish herds of wild horses brought here by the Spaniards?

  • Burning Fire in My Soul, Churches Listen To My Words

    Burning Fire in My Soul, Churches Listen To My Words

    21 months ago

    Do something to make a difference. Do not turn away your doors from those in need or those who should learn of our faith.

  • When Halloween Gets Spooky

    When Halloween Gets Spooky

    20 months ago

    This is a true story of the haunted Halloweens that were caused by unusual behavior on my part. It also tells about a child who grew up scared of animals and other things. This story is one that will not be forgotten in the life of this writer.

  • Receptive Language of My Chiweenie

    Receptive Language of My Chiweenie

    21 months ago

    My Chiweenie has a receptive vocabulary in order to communicate beyond expressive dog language of barking. Speak words to your dog, because they just might be paying attention and developing language skills.

  • Shepherd Walking By the Road

    Shepherd Walking By the Road

    21 months ago

    I do not know why I saw the shepherd, but his appearance sticks in my mind, and I will never forget him. I wrote the article in case anyone has a feeling about who he was, and why he was there. If you see a shepherd walking the road in the middle of the day who looks like he came out of the...

  • I Almost Drowned With My Baby Sister in My Arms on Miami Beach

    I Almost Drowned With My Baby Sister in My Arms on Miami Beach

    13 months ago

    Life and death situations call for decision making events. My life was surely blessed the day that my sister and I were saved from drowning. I learned something about myself, because I put my sister's life before my own existence. Love knows no boundaries, when you must survive. My thoughts brought...

  • Gold Fever Rush In Georgia

    Gold Fever Rush In Georgia

    20 months ago

    There is nothing like getting to know a family and growing with them in the love of family fun. Crisson's was the place my children loved to go on vacation. It was the fun of finding something coming from the earth. I would like to recommend that you go and visit Tammy and Tony at the gold mine. It...

  • Turning The Tide

    Turning The Tide

    20 months ago

    This poem reflects society in our life time. Things should change for the better, but it simply has not happened yet. I am waiting for the tide to change everyday in our world.

  • Animal Rescue to Top Off Thanksgiving Day

    Animal Rescue to Top Off Thanksgiving Day

    20 months ago

    It as a day of Thanksgiving, and a day to reflect on how animals were starving and we had to take action to save them. The nature of sharing this experience allows us to see the true feeling of being thankful for what we have, for there are those that have not and who suffer. Animals for what...

  • A Good Teacher Affects Children's Lives

    A Good Teacher Affects Children's Lives

    21 months ago

    A teacher is a roll model,and the attitude that he or she takes affects the future of children. Lives are in the hands of teachers like putty. All the children need love, compassion, self worth,and a teacher's devotion to see them succeed.

  • All Children Are Different in the Way They Learn

    All Children Are Different in the Way They Learn

    20 months ago

    Teach a child and not a classroom. That means teachers need to know that children all learn in different ways. What they retain depends on the manner in which a teacher takes on the task of educating the individual for their learning style.

  • Raising One Spoiled Chiweenie Dog

    Raising One Spoiled Chiweenie Dog

    19 months ago

    My hub is about experiencing a Chiweenie in your life. The cross between the two breeds of Chihuahua and Dachshund truly makes a unique and spoiled little attention getter. I would like to recommend getting one and experiencing it for yourself.

  • Oklahoma Skies: You Got to Love Them

    Oklahoma Skies: You Got to Love Them

    21 months ago

    Oklahoma skies are like a palette of dramatic color. I call it the work of nature. Some intensely stormy, and some have a gorgeous glow of beauty, but no matter what our skies are very dynamic in Oklahoma.

  • Feel the Clay in Your Hands

    Feel the Clay in Your Hands

    21 months ago

    In summary, my thoughts go to the clay and how it can be handled, formed, and manipulated to create a work of art. I treasure the time that I spent learning the art form, and the teachers that shared their experiences with me. I long for the clay to squeeze between my hands that I might once more...

  • Tribute to a Soldier

    Tribute to a Soldier

    20 months ago

    This article was about a soldier that spent his life as a career military man, and how he deserved in death to be honored by his country as do all soldiers who fight for America. It is our soldiers who keep us with our freedom and our families protected.

  • Parent & Child Communication

    Parent & Child Communication

    21 months ago

    Communication is utmost in saving parental authority and respect as well as teaching your child to open up and learn to express their thoughts. Communication is a prime part of life.

  • Lasting Marriage

    Lasting Marriage

    21 months ago

    I think back on my life and after 42 years of marriage, then I wonder how we survived three kids, two grandchildren, and a multitude of relatives, and crisis. Sometimes you think you are living in a dysfunctional family, and then you realize it is...

  • Visions of Sugar Plums and Money

    Visions of Sugar Plums and Money

    21 months ago

    Life dishes out a bowl of unique experiences. My early childhood days brought forth the penny candies, and more experiences to remember forever. We must look at a different world of finances now.

  • You Got To Love Geneology

    You Got To Love Geneology

    21 months ago

    If you want something fun to do, then go and check your family tree out. Some times you find out things that you did not know, and sometimes you learn a little bit about history. In fact that is kind of an understatement. I am a southerner and I...



    21 months ago

    What is real and what is rumor, and the experience I cannot explain. Scientist have yet to find their bones and more than foot steps in the earth. This is a story to make you question fact or fiction.

  • Stop Firing Our Teachers!

    Stop Firing Our Teachers!

    21 months ago

    Good teachers don't grow on trees,and our society needs to release education is not about firing but hiring good teachers to educate our young people. Stand up where you can for our teachers, because without them society would not have doctors, lawyers, or any professional person to take care of it.

  • Wedding Fashion Accessories

    Wedding Fashion Accessories

    21 months ago

    In conclusion the beaded hair piece can definitely make your wedding stand out and be unique. It says creativity in thinking about your fashion accessories. Why not get the creative flow?

  • Faith Brings Me Home

    Faith Brings Me Home

    21 months ago

    Sometimes it is a faith of child that can show us the way sometimes to bring us home from danger. I am thankful that I had that faith to get me home without any gas.

  • Money, Where Did It Go?

    Money, Where Did It Go?

    21 months ago

    Each day is a struggle in our world citizens. We must keep hoping and doing our best to survive and continue to exist. Life is tough, and we can all pray for better days. Hope is on the horizon.

  • Parenting Never Ends

    Parenting Never Ends

    21 months ago

    Parents need to let your children know how you feel, and they should listen to your children for they need that communication with you.

  • The Mystery of Fishing

    The Mystery of Fishing

    21 months ago

    Fishing brings us to an experience that we can take with us throughout life. It helps us relax, share moments with our family and friends, and it helps us tell a few tales of our own.

  • Children Should Feel Success in School

    Children Should Feel Success in School

    21 months ago

    There is no greater feeling that a child can ever have but success, and success is a feeling of self worth. Everyone has the power to grant it, but few see the vision of the future.


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