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  • The Damned Birthing Room

    The Damned Birthing Room

    6 years ago

    Recently, I witnessed the struggles of a mother in the birthing room. I decided to share some of my thoughts.

  • I'm a Teen (poem)

    I'm a Teen (poem)

    6 years ago

    This poem is about what it's like to be a teenager.

  • The Sinking Car

    The Sinking Car

    7 years ago

    There are certain memories that flash before my eyes. When they do, my heart races and I have an anxiety attack. This poem was written after a recent attack of memories.

  • Single (Poem)

    Single (Poem)

    7 years ago

    I often get asked why I'm still single. Well, there is no direct answer. Though, this poem does unfold some of the reasons why I choose to be single. I hope you can relate. Enjoy!

  • Inspired By A Stranger (a poem)

    Inspired By A Stranger (a poem)

    8 years ago

    It was a traffic jam and certainly my time to cram for a test coming anon. The police officer, with so much time to spare, flicks his arms in the air blows his whistle, stops our lancer, and tells us of a 10K A rush of blood...

  • Finding Beauty in Poetry

    Finding Beauty in Poetry

    7 years ago

    Moving from overseas makes it harder to grasp new ideas. Not speaking English before moving causes it to be even more difficult to understand. It is poetry. Poetry is unique in its own sense that even native speakers struggle to comprehend it. Well,...

  • A Flashback of Terror

    A Flashback of Terror

    7 years ago

    Gun shots rang out of their machinery wombs. Cries, whoops, shrieks, screams, yelps, yells, and yawps fascinated this scene of uproar. Such cacophonies, unfortunately, were not clamors of jubilance, but of calamity. Blood shattered; tears streamed;...

  • Toys for the First Year: What does your child really need at each age

    Toys for the First Year: What does your child really need at each age

    8 years ago

    From birth to the first year, children do not learn through directed teaching methods, like classroom-style learning. Rather, they learn through observing, listening, watching, mimicking, trial and error, and most commonly, incidental realizations....

  • Does Classical Music Really Make YOU Smarter?

    Does Classical Music Really Make YOU Smarter?

    7 years ago

    For the past few decades, the convoluted theory that classical music makes you more "intelligent" has been passed down from generations to the next. But is such a questionable theory true? Another theory even claims that playing classical music to...

  • Learn To Appreaciate

    Learn To Appreaciate

    8 years ago

    Appreciation. Do you often think about it? I never did until I sat in a boring class filled with incredibly intelligent individuals. Maybe I am sitting next to the future Albert Einstein. Maybe you are! Or maybe you are the next most-important person in our society. Therefore, learn to appreciate...

  • What Was She Thinking???

    What Was She Thinking???

    8 years ago

    Susanne Eman decided to take the quest of becoming the fattest woman in the world. She is a single mother of two boys and claims that she is healthy and will not stop from reaching her goal. Is she really all right or not?

  • A Journey Back Through Time―The Great Depression & Benny Goodman

    A Journey Back Through Time―The Great Depression & Benny Goodman

    8 years ago

    Last year, my United States' history teacher asked us to write a piece of literature resembeling aspects of the Great Depression. I think that writing a facts-filled paper will make such a significant issue seem tritely over-repetitive. Therefore, I...

  • The Myth of The Four Seasons

    The Myth of The Four Seasons

    8 years ago

    The history behind the four seasons is not a scientific discovery afterall. Rather, it is a mysterious battle between the Sun,Cloud,and Chief of Winds. Enjoy!


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