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My first novel, a mystery called Crash Course, is now on Kindle under my pen name, Nicky McBride.

As myself, and as Bryce Webster, I have been a working journalist since Watergate, and have written 14 books for major publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Prentice Hall and IDG. Currently, I run a website about all things Celtic at www.Keltopia.com. I blog about political subjects atwww.smirkingchimp.com. And I am still 100 percent convinced that the research for my Kindle book Eating Their Young: How the Greatest Generation Made the Baby Boom into a Moveable Feast (written as Bryce Webster) is on target.

In addition to Celtic subjects and political issues, I am particularly interested in food, wine, travel to other European nations (especially France), horses (I recently retired from training both horses and riders for jumping), and literature, from the sublime (Chaucer) to the more pedestrian (the riotous adventures of Stephanie Plum in the novels by Janet Evanovich.)

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