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Lissie is the penname of Elsiabeth Sowerbutts who is a freelance writer and Internet entrepreneur.

Check out my travel books at NonBoringTravelGuides.com

Check out my adventures in self-publishing at


Lis's Travel Tips

My latest venture is in travel - I am publishing some eBooks on travel - check it out at Lis's Travel Tips travel site. My first book is now up for sale on Amazon and elsewhere - check out the Vacation Packing List Book website - for the details!

Hubpages Is Where I Started Online

Hubpages showed me that I could make money online - I knew other people did - but until you personally start getting cash in your account - it didn't feel real - well not for me anyways.

I started my Passive Income blog to document my journey to making a full time income.

How To Make Money Online

I used to tell beginners to start with Hubpages because it was easy to get hubs ranked in the search results.

But times have changed and at the moment I am not entirely convinced that Hubpages is going in the right direction.

For a number of years now I have been focussing on my own websites - if you are looking to make money online I suggest you do the same.

If you are looking for a step-by-step course and forum to take you from keyword research through developing a site to making money online check out my Keyword Academy review

I totally recommend this course - there is nothing better online that i know of - and you can check it out for $1 - no catch! However if you want to make money fast and easy - you will be sadly disappointed - if you want fast cash -get a job - if you want to build a buisness check out The Keyword Academy.

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  • What To Do With Amazon Earning Hub? Move Them to Wizzley

    What To Do With Amazon Earning Hub? Move Them to Wizzley

    6 years ago

    Moving my hubs to Wizzley is something I'm doing with some regret, but I feel its in my best interests now that Hubpages will no longer allow use of my own Amazon affiliate code here.

  • Driving Across the Nullarbor: A How To Guide

    Driving Across the Nullarbor: A How To Guide

    6 years ago

    Driving the Nullarbor plain of Australia is one of those things you just have to do once in a life time. Its an accessible adventure, which unlike many other of Australia's iconic drives doesn't require a 4WD - but it...

  • Skirts For Men

    Skirts For Men

    9 years ago

    Skirts are not seen as mainstream fashion in many western countries: well in the USA anyway. Well this is my hub to prove that it is in fact pretty common in many cultures for men to wear skirts or long-flowing robes. ...

  • Australia the Movie

    Australia the Movie

    6 years ago

    Australia, the movie, is setting the movie world alight. Nicole Kidman is a sexy beautiful actress and the shots of her getting hot and sweaty in remote Australia, are hot, hot, hot...

  • Moving to Australia

    Moving to Australia

    6 years ago

    You live in the Northern Hemisphere - winter is closing in the dream of beautiful, clean empty Australian beaches beckon. Or maybe the housing market is rubbish, the cost of living is ridiculous and you want to escape...

  • How to do basic waltz steps. (Men's and Women's parts)

    How to do basic waltz steps. (Men's and Women's parts)

    8 years ago

    The waltz is the first dance most people think the might learn when they decide to learn to dance. Whether they want to dance for their wedding or just for a social event the waltz tends to the dance they start with. ...

  • An Atheists Guide to Religion

    An Atheists Guide to Religion

    10 years ago

    Unfortunately people who have previously either not been interested in religion or only vaguely spiritual often come to religion due to the efforts of many religions and sects who actively recruit new members. This is...

  • Ballroom Dance Music - Modern Ballroom Songs

    Ballroom Dance Music - Modern Ballroom Songs

    7 years ago

    Ballroom Dance's music used to be strictly boring. Many people probably still expect to hear gorgeous dancers to be accommpanied by the ever-green light orchestra which somehow manages to make everything from a waltz...