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  • The Truth About Tithes

    The Truth About Tithes

    4 years ago

    The practice of tithing is common in today’s church. It is generally acknowledged that we should tithe 10% of our income. But why do we do this, and more importantly, does the Bible say that we should tithe 10%?

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    It’s Okay For Christians To Disagree

    4 years ago

    Today’s Church is fractured. There are many different denominations who dislike each other. Christians today seemingly become divided over the smallest of theological differences. So how do we fix this?

  • 2

    The Diverse Roles Of Heavenly Beings

    4 years ago

    When we imagine all the angels, sons of God, seraphim, cherubim, morning stars, and all the other spiritual creatures in heaven, we tend to commonly group them all as just “angels.” But the Bible tells us it’s a lot more diverse than this.

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    How Witchcraft Has Infiltrated the Church

    4 years ago

    When you hear the word witchcraft, what comes to mind? Spells? Spooky witches on brooms? People in black robes chanting? A lot of times it’s more subtle than this. And unfortunately, witchcraft has infiltrated the church.

  • Why Prosperity Theology Is Dangerous

    Why Prosperity Theology Is Dangerous

    4 years ago

    Prosperity theology is extremely popular among millions of Christians. Its promises of financial wealth and good health are enticing to many. But is this teaching biblical?

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    There Are Many Gods- According To The Bible

    4 years ago

    “God” isn’t a name. It’s a title. Just like the word “satan.” And the Bible says there’s more than one.

  • Solomon and the Number of the Beast

    Solomon and the Number of the Beast

    4 years ago

    Revelation is full of cryptic references. One of the key players in the end times is known as the Antichrist. Most Christians know this. What you may be surprised to learn about is the connection between Solomon and the Antichrist.

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    Jesus in the Old Testament

    4 years ago

    When we think of God’s appearances to people in the Old Testament, we naturally assume that it is the Father who shows up. But you may surprised to learn that the Son showed up too, before his human birth as Jesus in Bethlehem.

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    Do We All Have Guardian Angels?

    4 years ago

    You’ve probably heard of the concept of guardian angels. This idea is frequently depicted in movies and tv shows, but is it biblically supported? Do we all have guardian angels, and if so, what do they really do? Read on to find out.

  • Aliens, UFOs, And Their Relation To The Bible

    Aliens, UFOs, And Their Relation To The Bible

    4 years ago

    Do aliens exist? Are UFOs real? And if so, how would aliens fit within a Christian worldview? These questions continue to make Christians question the extent of what is possible in a universe made by God. This article will present a theoretical answer to these questions.

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    Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?

    4 years ago

    Many have asked whether dinosaurs are found anywhere in the Bible. Various theories have been advanced. Are dinosaurs never mentioned? Were dinosaur bones put here by Satan? This article will definitively answer these questions and more.

  • Is the Bible Missing Books?

    Is the Bible Missing Books?

    4 years ago

    Many Christians are aware of extra-biblical books, such as the Apocrypha and the books written during the Second Temple period. The Bible itself also references other books that we don’t have today. So is the Bible complete, or are there more books that should be in the Bible?

  • The Nephilim, An Overview- Part 2

    The Nephilim, An Overview- Part 2

    4 years ago

    This article continues the overview of the Nephilim from Part 1.

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    The Nephilim, An Overview- Part 1

    4 years ago

    The Nephilim are found among the early chapters of the Bible in Genesis 6:1-4. However, they have long been a source of controversy. The majority of Christians have never even heard of them. This article will go over their past, and part 2 will cover their present and future.


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