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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart, Charity, for 31 years. We share four great kids (two boys and two girls) who are growing up WAY too fast. I love my family very much and enjoy spending time with them.

I have played professional music for about 20 years and have worked in a recording studio for about that same length of time.

I currently work as an independent buying agent, helping people nation wide who are looking to buy a high quality manufactured home. Contact me for rates and available services.

I hope you enjoy reading my notes.


Eight of my fictional books are available on Amazon

The Offer, The Deal, The Contract, The Vow, Bittersweet, Inescapable, Dangerous Ground, and Two Edged Sword are available as paperbacks and as Kindle ebooks.

I have one non-fiction book Losing Weight Gaining Life that describes my weight loss journey.

I write under the name L.D. Lewis

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