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I would tell you I dabble at writing; have since my first poem in high school. My desire is to be an author; but, I suppose you have to apply effort to become one. I haven't truly wrapped my arms around this venture yet: I write for fun at the moment. Oh yea, I like to whack a dimpled ball on a field of green and run along streets and trails, when I'm not working, or dabbling at writing.

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  • A Hand Up...

    A Hand Up...

    2 years ago

    Returning home from the war zone, many service members find it hard to put aside those events they saw or participated in. This short story reflects that dilemma and offers a hand up ...

  • The Bike Trail

    The Bike Trail

    5 years ago

    A short story of loss - The wind whips cold around me as I walk with my hands stuffed into my jacket along the old bike trail, half hidden by the overgrowth of vines and hardwoods.

  • Richmond Times

    Richmond Times

    6 years ago

    The beginning of the private life of Easton James, Bounty Hunter.

  • A Blast from Hell

    A Blast from Hell

    5 years ago

    The Improvised Explosive Device, or IED, became the predominant weapon of choice on the battlefield in Iraq. This is one Soldier's experience having survived the horror of an IED attack.

  • Reflections on Training

    Reflections on Training

    5 years ago

    Do you wonder what the best training solution is for you and your running goal? Like me, you may have decided to run in a race this year. You may already be an accomplished runner looking to add to your personal best or...

  • Through the Dark Night

    Through the Dark Night

    2 years ago

    He lay surrounded by the walls of darkness, motionless in the quiet night, Knowing she watches him, protecting him from the thoughts that tortures his restless soul....

  • Thoughts While Running #2

    Thoughts While Running #2

    2 years ago

    Growing older is looked at differently by people. Some see it as a bad thing, having lost something through the passage of time. I choose to see it as a new chapter in life. This hub was written on my birthday, both a...