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  • Privatization of higher education ; a green light

    Privatization of higher education ; a green light

    19 months ago

    Higher education of an excellent standard is critical for a nation to become globally competitive. According to the report of the Task force of higher education and society (2007) convened by World Bank and UNESCO,...

  • The battle of dementia

    The battle of dementia

    20 months ago

    Dementia, a general term used to define persistent impairment of mental functions including cognitive, personality and behavioral changes severe enough to limit day today activities.

  • What are prebiotics

    What are prebiotics

    20 months ago

    Prebiotics are a group of substances which induces the growth and activity of favorable microorganisms in the host, thereby increasing the resistance to pathogens.

  • True Beauty lies within the inner soul.

    True Beauty lies within the inner soul.

    20 months ago

    So, is there a truth in what miss Piggy believes in? Some people would think of something contrast to define ‘beauty’. There can be thousand and one and many more definitions for the word ‘ beauty’ and each...

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

    Pelvic floor dysfunction

    20 months ago

    Pelvic floor dysfunction consists of symptoms including abnormal bowel habits such as bowel storage and emptying along with pelvic pain. This condition is easily treatable with the timely diagnosis.