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I am a writer. Whether I am good or bad, I am a writer. To me, there is no greater gift.

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  • Foreshadow of Winter

    Foreshadow of Winter

    14 months ago

    A free-verse poem depicting fall in its paradox and beauty.

  • The Close of Night

    The Close of Night

    14 months ago

    A poem depicting the sunrise in simple, rhyming couplets.

  • This is Autumn

    This is Autumn

    20 months ago

    A poem depicting the sensations of autumn through imagery: smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound.

  • Storming


    20 months ago

    A descriptive sketch depicting the scene of a storm from beginning to end by use of intense imagery. Please enjoy!

  • Budget Traveling: 9 Tips for Saving Money

    Budget Traveling: 9 Tips for Saving Money

    16 months ago

    Traveling is expensive, and as a result, many people refrain from traveling at all. While, travel can completely bankrupt you, there are ways to spend less and even save money through budget travel.

  • Children of War

    Children of War

    20 months ago

    This is a poem drawing attention to child soldiers in other parts of the world. Not so much what they do, but the emotional destruction they are forced to face.

  • What We Hold On To

    What We Hold On To

    20 months ago

    Join Ash as he struggles with the idea of himself (something we all do), as well as with his friends and family. Abuse, identity, and the struggle for meaning are twisted into this short story. Enjoy!