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At this point in my life, I feel I have reached a new level of understanding and clarity about myself, where I have come from and what lies ahead, and the world and people around me. In saying that, I believe I can best summarize my passions, goals, ambitions and what I can offer, via the following acrostic-within-an-acrostic poem:

A - rtistic
---- L-ove the world of Marketing and creating compelling content and design
---- I-nventive, creative, think outside the box
---- V-ery passionate about creative writing
---- E-xercises the right side of the brain as often as possible
M - eeting new people is important to me
---- E-njoys cultivating new relationships
---- A-lways seeking to meet those who are different from me
---- C-onversationalist, love to socialize and learn from others
---- H-apy to inspire and encourage others
A - ppreciate the old fashioned
---- D-ance and sing to all the oldies
---- A-im to meet Paul McCartney one day
---- Y-earn to one day wake up and find myself in the ‘60s
N - ever-ending pursuit of personal and intellectual growth
---- T-ries to pursue hobbies that promote peace and happiness
---- O-pen to learning new ideas and ways to improve myself
D - esire to influence and affect change/advancement in an area of passion
---- T-hink I will gain fulfillment from achieving this
---- H-ope to one day realize how I can truly help others
---- E-mpathetic towards, and understanding of, others
A - im to improve upon professional skills
---- M-aintain great organization and efficiency in professional roles
---- A-lways focused and determined, while not stressing about things I cannot control
---- X-Really, who can think of one word that starts with x? No really – can you?

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