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    Truck Drivers - Unsung Hero's - More are Needed!

    2 years ago

    Over decades Commercial Truck Drivers have hauled and delivered necessary products and food to communities across the nation, facing many risks and dangers to insure consumers receive necessary supplies. Drivers even delivered during the 2020/2021 pandemic. They are hero's, and more are needed!

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    Water Crisis

    2 years ago

    Various places in our world are experiencing extreme, unprecedented draught. As water evaporates, restrictions are put in place in an attempt to curb useless water use. Without water, how can we survive? Are there other resources besides rivers, lakes and reservoirs? The answer is yes.

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    How to Build an Inexpensive Backyard Aviary

    12 months ago

    A backyard aviary is easily erected with minimal cost for any type of birds. An aviary is an interesting way to help and observe behaviors of birds from various species by providing protected nesting spots, healthy food, and a retreat from weather elements. A great project for bird watchers!

  • How to Recycle Wine Boxes to Use for Water Storage

    How to Recycle Wine Boxes to Use for Water Storage

    2 years ago

    Don't throw away those empty wine boxes, recycle them! There is a way to take them apart, clean them and fill them with water for emergencies. It is easy, and thrifty!

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    How to Build and Maintain an Inexpensive Dog Run

    13 months ago

    Instructions for how to build an easy and inexpensive dog run that will make cleanup a whole lot easier.

  • 22

    How to Grow a Mimosa Tree From Seeds

    20 hours ago

    The mimosa tree is beautiful and drought tolerant, with airy pink blossoms and fern-like green leaves. Here’s how to grow one from seeds. They’re invasive but beautiful. Are they right for your garden?

  • Positive Thinking and Exercise

    Positive Thinking and Exercise

    5 years ago

    Eight out of ten people I have spoken to indicated they had the desire to exercise, or work out at a local gym. The draw back? The lack of motivation to follow through. What does it take to succeed?

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    How to Think Positive in the Midst of a Crisis

    2 years ago

    Thought processes dictate how the body reacts to situations. Thinking positive during a crisis is not as difficult as it sounds, it is a matter of optimism versus pessimism.

  • Music and Mood

    Music and Mood

    2 years ago

    Music influences the body and mind, essentially setting the mood that reflects the music environment. If there is a mood issue, find music that provokes positive feelings and thinking.

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    Effects of Music and Art on Personal Development

    2 years ago

    Music , Art, and Humans have influenced one another since the beginning of time. Coupling the three components together inspire new creativity, enlightening ideas, and compelling personal growth.


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