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  • Pen To Paper Tools

    Pen To Paper Tools

    23 months ago

    Do you love to write? Imagine having a tool to help you sit down and write progressively, quickly. Follow these easy steps and put your pen to the paper!

  • A Book: Three Abrasions of LeAnn's Fate

    A Book: Three Abrasions of LeAnn's Fate

    2 years ago

    Three Abrasions of LeAnn's Fate is a fiction, romance story about a young woman, the men in her life, and danger she faces that directs her path.

  • Outstanding Lentil Soup

    Outstanding Lentil Soup

    2 years ago

    Lentil soup is filling, healthy, and tastes good. Most people will eat it, but there are some who consider it a little bland. Using complementing flavors, Lentil soup can be dressed up delightfully!

  • Building an Inexpensive Dog Run

    Building an Inexpensive Dog Run

    7 months ago

    We love our four-legged friends, except when we have to clean the yard! Here is an easy, inexpensive way to construct a dog run that will make cleanup a whole lot easier!

  • Ideas for an Elegant Patio

    Ideas for an Elegant Patio

    2 years ago

    Most people these days do not have a lot of income to apply to patio upgrades, so here are a few ideas that are low cost, low maintenance, and dress up any patio or yard.

  • Growing Mimosa Trees

    Growing Mimosa Trees

    14 months ago

    The Mimosa Tree is beautiful, and drought tolerant, with airy pink blossoms and fern-like green leaves. If you choose to grow one or two, here is how I did it. Keep in mind they are invasive.

  • Things Families Can Do in Las Vegas

    Things Families Can Do in Las Vegas

    2 years ago

    Most people visit Las Vegas, Nevada because he or she wants to gamble, and take in the adult activities, but there are alternatives for those who want something more.

  • Hint for Easy Glass Cleaning

    Hint for Easy Glass Cleaning

    2 years ago

    Nevada is known for hard water with alkali that seals itself to surfaces and builds. Over time, the collection especially on shower glass is horrible to remove, but, I learned the lemon can cut it!

  • Positive Thinking and Exercise

    Positive Thinking and Exercise

    9 months ago

    Eight out of ten people I have spoken to indicated they had the desire to exercise, or work out at a local gym. The draw back? The lack of motivation to follow through. What does it take to succeed?

  • Positive Thinking and Goal Setting

    Positive Thinking and Goal Setting

    23 months ago

    From birth to adulthood humans are bombarded with pressures for improvement and productivity. We search for our niche', and have passions, but how do we get past negativity and progress to succeed?

  • How Think Positive in the Midst of a Crisis

    How Think Positive in the Midst of a Crisis

    2 years ago

    Thought processes dictate how the body reacts to situations. Thinking positive during a crisis is not as difficult as it sounds, it is a matter of optimism versus pessimism.

  • Music and Mood

    Music and Mood

    2 years ago

    Music influences the body and mind, essentially setting the mood that reflects the music environment. If there is a mood issue, find music that provokes positive feelings and thinking.

  • Effects of Music and Art on Personal Development

    Effects of Music and Art on Personal Development

    2 years ago

    Music , Art, and Humans have influenced one another since the beginning of time. Coupling the three components together inspire new creativity, enlightening ideas, and compelling personal growth.


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