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Hotelier and writer, sometimes one takes over the other. I live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, where I explore the area and write about writing. I have complete my first memoir about growing up in Nova Scotia, I hope to be traditionally publishing as I continue to work on my next memoir about working and living in resort towns.

Thank's for reading and supporting the creative flow. I look forward to connecting with you.

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  • Trust your writing

    Trust your writing

    18 months ago

    Trust and faith are part of your creative life and persistence helps as well. Creativity wants to work through you and at some point you have to step a side to let imagination take over.

  • Writing Whenever & Wherever

    Writing Whenever & Wherever

    18 months ago

    Writing is more than just putting words together to create a different world. Creativity is a way of life - sometimes you have to step out of the and let creativity take over.

  • Fog


    18 months ago

                    Fog Further into the slide of doom my thoughts linger with the fog of the morning tide - I think I made you up as I shut my eyes and let the flashes of light dance freely....