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Hi there. My name is Matt Sanchez. I'm just like every other guy. Except maybe more on the shy end. But that's probably due to my traumatised childhood. You see, at the age of 12 to 16, I was obese. It was at the age of 17 I decided to get my weight under control. So, then I started. Today, I am very happy to announce I am no longer obese but a very handsome and sexy man. Congratulations to me!

But sad to say, one thing still troubles me today. It's a very sensitive topic. But today I am still suffering from gynecomastia. Others may know it by the name man boobs. You see, during puberty, my hormones had a reaction with the toxics the food I ate. This causes the fat at the chest area to turn into tissue, and the terminology for this case is called gynecomastia.

Now, those who may not be too familiar with this, will ask, " So why just don't a million bench presses and get rock hard chest?" Well, the answer to this is that it doesn't even matter if you do a billion bench presses, the cause of gynecomastia will not go away. At least with bench presses. Why? Because it's no longer fat we are dealing with, but breast tissue.

So what you will get after a million bench presses rock hard chest, but it will be under the breast tissue. So the man boobs will still be apparent. And those of who suffer from man boobs all know the negative scarring psychological effect it has on our subconscious and conscious minds. It is definitely not a nice feeling.

We are always trying to hide our man boobs from everyone. Anytime someone stares at our chest, our heart beats rapidly in anxiety. We have to wear thick and baggy shirts as much as possible. You would never find us shirtless at the beach. NEVER! And it goes on. It is literally a pain in the foot that keeps recurring every single day of our lives.

But the good news today, at the time I am currently writing, is that my condition has improved. And it continues to improve. I would like to dedicate this HubPage to the topic of gynecomastia also known as man boobs. I would like to share my knowledge, experiences and tips on how I handle this challenging situation, and how I continue to handle it. I hope you are as excited to hear as I am excited to share. Until then my friend, Godspeed.

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