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Why do I write? Everyone dreams... What makes my dreams different?
It is quite simple.
Others read the Bible to obtain eternal life, to escape death and to find acceptance. Yet, within these pages lies perhaps the most astounding tale ever told. If I did not find myself within its every page, I would call it a fairytale. You see, every page contains ideas, dreams, principles that were written with so much zeal, care and love that its results, applied to life today would color your shadows, warm your winters and recreate your life. Within this dream takes shape a vibrant, caring Being that wants to set you free, He wants to hold your hand and show you what you were meant to be.
That's not where the story ends. Every tiny detail of this dream fits into my life, it was written just for me. The color, awe and inspiration touches the very essence of my existence, desires, hopes and aspirations. It defines everything i have ever wanted, unites my aspirations and draws them to a point where life starts making sense.
Don't merely believe me. Open your bible, see if anything within it is not relevant, life changing and powerful. Correct me if I am wrong, show me one principle that is not personal- that cannot change your life forever- and I will find another dream...

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  • Value verses Truth

    Value verses Truth

    9 months ago

    Christianity has become heaven centered. Our faith is about eternal life. Lost within the limitations of this approach lives a fascinating world of passionate care and timeless beauty.