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    How to Keep Out Unwanted Guests at Family Funerals

    12 months ago

    Planning a funeral or memorial service is like planning a wedding. There may be good reasons to restrict attendance and ban certain people. Here is the why and how on making yours private.

  • 88

    Best Beauty Pageant Answers

    8 years ago

    A look at how beauty pageant finalists mess up on the big final question and lose the crown. A professional communicator advises how to answer 'loaded' questions and avoid disaster.

  • 141

    How Does an Alcoholic Ruin Your Life?

    23 months ago

    Do you have a loved one who is an alcoholic? Understand the nature of alcoholism, as well as your codependent role. I write from personal experience, having lived both sides of the equation.

  • 22

    Oh Christmas Tree: a branch-by-branch guide

    12 years ago

    For those who celebrate the holiday, the Christmas tree ("tree") ranks right up there with gifts, eggnog, and sugar cookies as a must-have tradition. In fact, I would venture to say the Christmas tree is the most recognizable Christmas symbol,...

  • 38

    The Deer In the Graveyard

    14 years ago

    There are no deer where I live. At least, I've never seen one in my neighborhood. But in Marin County, deer roam the hills freely and pop up in the oddest places. One afternoon a full-sized doe and her baby hopped over the fence into my parents'...

  • 96

    10 Warning Signs You Might Be Alcoholic

    23 months ago

    The disease of alcoholism is baffling (actually, it's cunning, baffling and powerful). To the outside observer, the drinker's self-destructive behavior makes no sense. To the drinker him/herself, it doesn't make much sense, either. .

  • 92

    Top 10 '80s Indie Bands

    7 months ago

    Recognizing the ten best indie bands from the 1980s, including The Pixies, Cowboy Junkies, and Violent Femmes.

  • 478

    How to Steal Your Family Inheritance

    6 years ago

    This tongue-in-cheek hub describes how to get your hands on your own inheritance and get more than your fair share. It describes how to do this while one parent is still alive by implementing a legal trust and then "jumping over" the living parent to become successor trustee when one parent passes....

  • 268

    Family Betrayal: My Sister Is No More

    6 years ago

    My sister, My sibling, What have you done? Betrayed me, Dismayed me, Who have you become? Our father Our mother Grow older, regress My heart aches I care take Yet feel no duress They raised us They praised us Yet...

  • 161

    Can You Stop Someone From Drinking Themselves to Death

    6 years ago

    Alcoholism is a baffling and frustrating disease. Watching someone drink themself to death is heartbreaking. You want to help the alcoholic but how? Everything you do seems wrong. The alcoholic keeps drinking. This hub offers education about what alcoholism is and is not. And action steps to...

  • 54

    Dying Guide: Why I Hate Hospice Care

    12 years ago

    Die young and leave a beautiful corpse? Or hang in til you reach a ripe, old age so people can say, "He had a good life."? Clock out suddenly with no notice? Or wither away slowly over weeks, months or even years? There are pros and cons to each...

  • Sex After Rape: Victims' Coping Tactics

    Sex After Rape: Victims' Coping Tactics

    2 years ago

    The trauma of rape affects a victim's sex life in many ways. Some rape survivors act out sexually to try to regain control of their bodies—others shut down sexually, which hurts their relationships. Find out about coping mechanisms to help victims heal.

  • 85

    How to Comfort Your Man

    7 years ago

    There's a joke that circulates on email every so often about how to please a woman (a list of about 50 items) vs. how to please a man (Show up naked. Bring beer). Sure, that's all well and good for everyday. But what about when your man is hurting?...

  • 193

    10 Tips for Living Drug, Alcohol, Smoke-Free: What Works for Me

    23 months ago

    Are drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes ruling your life? Have you tried quitting only to pick back up again -- even though you really, really want to stop? Stop beating yourself up. You are not a failure. You're an addict.

  • 8

    How/When to Choose a Teen Drug Rehab

    5 years ago

    First of all, I hope you never, ever have to. Second of all, know that you are not alone. If my experiences -- yes, plural -- can be of any help to you, I offer them here. The reality is that with today's super strong weed (pot, marijuana),...


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