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I am a student of law at Punjab University, relentlessly devoted to legal affairs as a young person of a deteriorating state people call Pakistan. The jostling despotic events have aggrandized me to write about current affairs and different social issues of world being affected by the globalization. Now the duty begins on myself to protect my country's believes and idealogy.

Ever since I was in my childhood, my father boasted me on my talent of debate. I have covered a long distance from speaking to writing. The words predict what the weapons can't, either you spit them out or write them on a page. That's all up to you. That's why I decided to write.

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  • Mirza Ghalib

    Mirza Ghalib

    11 months ago

    One of the most influential figure of United India "Mirza Ghalib" lives still in the hearts of the people of region. His works immaculately flaunt the true meanings of Romance, Love and Spirituality.

  • CPEC: The Game Changer

    CPEC: The Game Changer

    12 months ago

    Pakistan, a facade of alleges with regard to terrorism co-operates with China the most swaying economy to open gates of friendship from Karakorum to Gawadar. This has coaxed the world.

  • Pakistan's View on Trump

    Pakistan's View on Trump

    11 months ago

    How Donald Trump is a real or imaginative threat to Muslim World? The question of every person interested in world politics. The article explains USA as plight state to have Trump.