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I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in a family where we told stories to entertain each other, especially funny ones. Most of them were true.

It has been my experience that the old saying is right -- truth really is stranger than fiction.

This is particularly true of the workplace.

People think I make up what I write in my "Funny Office" series, but much of it actually happened, which is why I now work out of my home. Here I have only one crazy person to contend with -- myself -- and as long as I keep her in strong tea and cheese she gives relatively little trouble, except for occasional strange postings on the Internet.

Contact me! I post on Facebook and Twitter!

Hire me! I work at Mary Strain Copywriting (StrainCopywriting@comcast.net)

Read me! I write CrazyFunnyBlog http://crazyfunnyblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/

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      • Rights to a removed hub

        Rights to a removed hub

        4 years ago

        After I remove a hub from Hubpages do all rights to it revert to me?

      • Idle Hubs

        Idle Hubs

        5 years ago

        Some of my fiction hubs are now idle. I want to unpublish them from HP and sell them as an ebook, but wanted to ask how that would work according to the Hubpages TOS. Please advise, and thank you!

      • Hub Feedback

        Hub Feedback

        5 years ago

        Oops...here's one in my humor series...sorry.http://mollymeadows.hubpages.com/hub/Fu … l-of-Death

      • Feedback on hubs

        Feedback on hubs

        5 years ago

        Hi, I've done a few hubs but can't get arrested on Google. Don't yet have an AdSense account but know I must produce more hubs to qualify. Meantime, what must I do to get my hubs at least on the the top 10 pages? Aarggh!