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    How to Grow the Best Sunflowers

    15 months ago

    Sunflowers are a beautiful addition to any garden, and their seeds are tasty. This article guides you through growing the best sunflowers possible.

  • How to Identify Common Herbs

    How to Identify Common Herbs

    2 years ago

    Whether you're cooking, preparing herbal tea, or simply interested in growing them, it's important to know how to identify common herbs.

  • How to Save Your Trees From Lightning

    How to Save Your Trees From Lightning

    2 years ago

    Trees are ideal for attracting lightning because of the immense heights they can reach. Because of this it isn't uncommon for them to be hit by bolts of lightning on a fairly basis. So it's important to know how to reduce the damage lightning can cause to trees.

  • 2

    7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Pet Bird

    3 months ago

    Owning a pet bird brings with it a special set of problems and responsibilities quite different from owning a dog or cat. There are certain things you should be aware of before buying a pet bird, or you might end up regretting your purchase.

  • What to Do to Help Shrubs Survive the Winter

    What to Do to Help Shrubs Survive the Winter

    2 years ago

    Winter can be hard on shrubs, requiring them to face hazards such as gusting winds, freezing temperatures, and snow storms. That's why it's helpful to know some tips for helping your shrubs survive.

  • Tips For Choosing Low Maintenance Houseplants

    Tips For Choosing Low Maintenance Houseplants

    2 years ago

    While houseplants are the ideal way of adding life and joy to a room and making a home feel like a home, many people avoid having them because of the need to take care of them. There is a solution to that, however, choosing low maintenance houseplants.

  • Common Mistakes When Picking a Mover

    Common Mistakes When Picking a Mover

    2 years ago

    Choosing a moving company can be almost as stressful as the move itself. Involving quotes, interviews, checking credentials and many other things you don't want to fail to do out of ignorance or simple forgetfulness.

  • Summer Moving Tips

    Summer Moving Tips

    2 years ago

    Summer is the season most dreaded by moving companies and those being moved. Getting used to a new house is difficult enough without the added stress of searing temperatures, congested traffic, and reluctant friends who help more out of a feeling of obligation than desire.

  • Packing and Moving Artwork

    Packing and Moving Artwork

    2 years ago

    One of the most important things you will do when moving is packing up your artwork and getting to your destination in one piece. Choosing a dependable moving company is one step in the right direction, but there will be some things you will have to handle on your own.

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    "Attention! Calling All Butterflies!" How to Create a Butterfly Garden

    2 years ago

    Attracting butterflies to your garden can be a challenging and rewarding task. Once you've earned the trust and faithfulness of these lovely creatures you can have the remarkable pleasure of sitting back and enjoying your very own butterfly garden.

  • Following the Feng Shui Garden Path

    Following the Feng Shui Garden Path

    2 years ago

    Using the feng shui method for landscaping your garden can be extremely beneficial to your emotional state, as well as providing visual pleasure. Although it takes some practice, it is well worth learning this type of harmonious gardening.

  • Unpacking, the Last Leg of the Journey

    Unpacking, the Last Leg of the Journey

    2 years ago

    Finally arrived at your destination after days of enduring moving frustration? On your last nerve and the thought of unpacking isn't very appealing? Understandable. Bet you can use some advice on how to make it all easier on your body and nervous system.

  • What You Need to Make a Successful Winter Move

    What You Need to Make a Successful Winter Move

    2 years ago

    While moving in the winter may be cheaper and more convenient it does involve taking special measures to meet certain needs. The cold won't let up and you'd best be well-prepared before you start out.

  • Tips on Helping Seniors Move

    Tips on Helping Seniors Move

    2 years ago

    For senior citizens, moving can be a necessary evil for a number of reasons. But that doesn't mean that the future doesn't look scary. To help ease the trauma of leaving their home use patience and creative planning and lots of love.

  • How to Recognize a Dishonest Moving Company

    How to Recognize a Dishonest Moving Company

    2 years ago

    Shady moving companies can make your life a nightmare, taking up your time and money. But there is a way to avoid them if you follow some easy to remember rules. Put yourself in charge!

  • 5 Recommendations for the Best New Tree Care

    5 Recommendations for the Best New Tree Care

    2 years ago

    How to go through the process of determining what you expect from a new tree, how to select the appropriate tree for your needs, deciding where to plant it in your landscaping scheme, and how to care for it afterward.


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