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Summer Moving Tips

Updated on January 19, 2020
Monica Pocelujko profile image

has a B.A. in English and 7 years of experience as a freelance writer working on the Internet.

If you've chosen summer as the time to launch your move to a new location, you may be regretting it. As you've probably learned, summer is the most hectic season for moving companies as well as for everyone else. Try and pin down a few friends to help you pack up one weekend and you'll find out the painful truth of this statement. Well, there are some things you can do for your friends and yourself to ease the transition from one house to another in what can quickly become broiling heat:

1. Make Reservations Early. Because so many people move during the summer, you simply have to give yourself a lot of time to secure the moving truck or moving company you need. With no shortage of customers these companies fill their bookings up very quickly in the summertime, so make a reservation way ahead of time.

2. Stay Hydrated. This is the number one priority in the summer. You may feel fine, but your body needs lots of water if you're going to be spending time outside in the hot sun, especially when moving. Avoid carbonated drinks and instead drink plenty of water, Gatorade, or energy drinks. and be sure your friends do too. These will not dehydrate your body like soda will and will help you to maintain your stamina and endurance.

3. Rest Often. Make sure that you and your helpers stop and take time to sit in the shade with a cool drink for at least ten minutes or so. Your body needs to get out of the sun for at the minimum short intervals when your doing heavy work like lifting, etc. Don't worry about wasting time. The moving can wait, just as long as no one ends up with heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

4. Take a Break From Moving. If possible, call it quits during the hottest hours of the day and finish moving later on when temperatures go down. Don't let yourself be pressured by time. The health of all involved is far more important.

5. Protect Your Belongings. Heat can damage many items that you won't necessarily think about until it's too late. It is essential that you take steps to protect your possessions while you are loading them onto the truck, and for the journey ahead. You don't want anything to melt or warp in the heat. Any delicate items that you don't want to risk damaging should be kept in the car with the air conditioning turned on. In the summer the back of a truck can become a sauna, getting about twenty degrees hotter than the actual temperature outside is.

6. Be Prepared. We all know the heat can be oppressive, so keep your eyes and ears open for any signs that those around you are feeling the effects of too much heat. Look out for yourself too. Know the signs of heat related illnesses so that you can take swift action if someone becomes sick. Keep water readily available and have emergency numbers nearby just in case.

7. Keep Your Pets Cool. If you feel exhausted from the heat, just think what your dog is feeling. At least you don't have to wear a fur coat in excessive heat! So be sure your pet has a nice cool, shady place with plenty of cold water to lay down and hang out while you finish the work of moving. And keep an eye on them for any signs of heat exhaustion such as: heavy panting and drooling. Remember, they can't tell you when they're feeling awful, so it's up to you to be alert.


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