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We have several authors that contribute to 'Moon Willow Lake's' hubs. It is because of that you will find a wide range of topics to browse through. Our hope is that you will find something you enjoy and please do leave comments! Happy reading, thanks for stopping by, and you are welcome to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook!

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      • I am wondering something about links.

        I am wondering something about links.

        6 years ago

        Hi,I know normally there cannot be more than 2 links to any one site on one hub.So, my question is, does that also count for links back to hubpages?For example, if I have two links back to myself and say 2 links to...

      • Clarification on Amazon Products

        Clarification on Amazon Products

        6 years ago

        Hello,When all of the changes to HubPages happened a few months back, I swear I saw something about now having to limit how many Amazon products can be featured on a hub. I think it was something about there can only be...

      • How much is too much?

        How much is too much?

        7 years ago

        Hello,I am still learning the ropes here and I have an Amazon question. I remember reading somewhere on hubpages that they don't want Amazon products on all hubs or hubber scores can go down for being too commercial....