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MosLadder profile image

Chris Montgomery (MosLadder)

Joined 8 years ago from Irvine, CA




Also follow me on:

Who is MosLadder?

MosLadder is Chris Montgomery (Chris Mo.) Mo's Ladder would be my Jacob's Ladder, and also the name of my blog, (woefully in need of updating.)

When I started MosLadder, and writing on Hubpages soon after, a friend had just died from a suspected overdose, and I felt the need to upend my life and set myself on a different path. The path I chose was health and fitness and I immediately set out researching the subject and eventually studying for my CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist.) Being a stay-at-home-Dad and having no desire to train clients in a gym at the time, I never took the exam, but I continued researching and learning, and of course, improving my own fitness in various ways.

I found that the most exciting aspect of health and fitness was using unconventional methods to get amazing results. Sand bags, rocks, weighted backpacks, clubs and so on, fascinated me, and I eventually went on to create my own suspension trainers out of rope or rope and pvc pipes.

When I lived in Arizona, my garage and backyard were basically one big unconventional gym and I got very strong (by personal standards) hucking around 135# boulders and deadlifting over 300# for reps on a regular basis. (I know, this is meager, but it still felt like 500 to me!)

Most of these creations can be seen at the MosLadder blog I listed above if you are interested.

Once I moved back to Southern California, it took some time to reestablish some semblance of a home gym (which I prefer,) but I have nonetheless amassed a collection of sandbags and kettlebells. The house even came with a pullup bar already installed in the garage!

Hubpages has encouraged me to explore and publish on a variety of topics besides fitness, but I find myself constantly drawn back to the process of eliciting the maximum potential of the human body through exercise.

I am especially interested in getting sedentary people to take control over their bodies and believe in what is possible physically, no matter what their age or condition.

As a 43-year old male (as of 2015) I want to see how far I can push myself personally as well, particularly in the area of mobility and strength. I believe the concept of increasing longevity and the physical quality of your life as you age is an essential subject for everyone to study.

My goal for future hubs will be to continue to highlight methods for embracing this idea with great nutrition, longevity-centric exercise and some serious motivation. Be well and embrace your life!

If you find one of my hubs useful or interesting, be sure to share it! You can also follow me on Pinterest at:

Some of my favorite hubs are:

Every Pushup Exercise you can Think of and the Celebrities Who do them

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Great Workouts to Build Chest Muscles

Roasted Sweet Potato Bread with Butterscotch Chips and Cashew Brown Sugar Crust (Because it's so good, so good.)

How to Build Strong Back Muscles

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Sweet Potato Bourbon Bread with Caramel Chunks and Coconut Pecan Brown Sugar Crust

Quick and Simple Dinners - Ideas for Pulling Meals Together from Next to Nothing

Desert Views-The Strange and Beautiful Plant Life of Arizona

Want to go straight to a fitness hub? Try these:

Muscle Building Suspension Trainer Routines

A Well Rounded Shoulder Exercise Routine

Gymnastic Ring Workout Routines at Home

The Kettlebell Dumbbell Relay Workout for Strength and Endurance

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Muscle Building Home Leg Workout

Home Gym Workout Routines with No Equipment

Bodyweight Training-Fast Functional Fitness

Core Workout and Exercises for Ripped Abs

Best Exercises for Bigger Shoulder Muscles

A Strength and Conditioning Program for Pre-Season Parenting

and more!

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