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A Whole Body Workout for Busy People

Updated on December 15, 2011

A Quick Effective Exercise Routine

Being a work at home and a stay-at-home Dad (or SAHD as some might say) I often look fondly at the computer as I pass by on my way to more pressing matters, such as getting the bills paid or some such nonsense. I scan over an article I enjoyed writing or a subject I had promised to expand on and say, "Dooh! Man I really need to follow up on that!"

Well, one of these subjects was what I like to call "microworkouts." I originally wrote an article called "Fast Interval Workout with TRX and Kettlebells" which was intended for busy people who needed an intense workout in as little time as possible. I also hinted at more to come, and never delivered. Until now!

The concept is simple, get in shape, get stronger, get faster, develop greater anaerobic capacity. Sorry, but if you are training for a triathlon, you still need to put in the time. However, these workouts are ideal for improving performance and preventing injury without burning you out.


Tools needed: -Pullup bar/TRX/Rings (pick one)

Do these exercises after a nice joint warm-up. See: for a good routine.

This is a circuit with no stopping in between. If you must rest, do it for a max. 20 to 30 seconds.

-TRX Single Leg Squats x10-12 (or unassisted pistols if you can do them.) The suspension trainer makes these easier by helping you keep your balance. Perform the single leg squat by extending the non-working leg in front of you and contracting the abdominals as you descend.

-Suspended Pull-To: x 6-10 each side. With both hands holding on to one of the TRX handles, lean back to about a 45 degree angle with arms extended. Pull the body to the hands and twist the torso towards the end of the motion, pressing with the hands as you do. Lower to the starting position with control.

-Leg Threads x5 each direction. (See: Fast Effective Bodyweight Workout.)

-Sit-ups x12 (If these are too easy, you may be doing it wrong. Sit all the way up, securing your feet if necessary, and don't jerk your torso up. Yes, plain old sit-ups, the simple is now exotic.)

-Flat Push-ups x10-12

-Pull-ups x5-10 (Whatever you can do. If you can't do pull-ups, do body rows with the TRX or homemade suspension trainer.)

-Scorpion Push-ups x5 each side. See:

Trying to get it all done before the sun sets?
Trying to get it all done before the sun sets? | Source

Go all the way down to one side, reaching the opposite leg as far towards the head as possible.

-Hanging leg raises x10-12

-Pull-ups with underhand grip: 5-10 (as with the first set of pull-ups, sub TRX or rings if needed.)

-Split Lunge jumps x10 each side (Lunge forward jump up, switch legs in mid-air, land in lunge, repeat.)

-Plyometric pushups: x5-10. When the pushing speed slows, the set is done. In this case, just do flat pushups and explode to raise your body slightly off the floor.

That's that. The workout can take between 10-15 minutes not counting the joint warm-up. This particular circuit is intended to increase power, muscular endurance and strength. For greater muscular endurance increase the reps. To pack on some muscle, work up to two or three circuits.

After pushing the body to its limits with this routine, you should feel it from top to bottom. Be sure to rest at least one day in between, and more if too much soreness persists.


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