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It’s been a few years now since I have written a hubpage. Life takes over and in a blink of an eye, what seems like months became years.

So this section of the page says bio... What can I really say about myself...do I have the passion for writing? Well in all honesty it really depends on my mood and if I have the materials to write. Writer’s block has been a reality and it’s so much easier said than done. So after stumbling a couple of times myself, I have to say that I have profound respect for writers, singers, poets...anyone who creates something out of nothing, be it tangiblue or not.

Ok so I’m not going to limit myself to one area of topic and I will write perhaps my travel experiences, someday I could be inspired to write a poem...or anything that comes to mind.

So I hope you will take this journey with me and enjoy reading the articles I had written.

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