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  • Ariel's First Day at School

    Ariel's First Day at School

    2 months ago

    Ariel walked down the sidewalk towards her home. Her thoughts were on the students and the discussion. She passed by a wooded area and noticed a dried out log. Ariel smiled as she turned it over revealing grubs and insects living underneath. “Pharia will love theses,”

  • Restoring a Memory

    Restoring a Memory

    2 months ago

    Restoring of an antique Merry Tiller/ Yazoo rototiller form start to finish

  • Another government shutdown

    Another government shutdown

    3 months ago

    President Trump asked congress for 5 billion to complete the wall, Perhaps we need to Perhaps we need to re-evaluate congress, and ask how much we would save if we abolished their separate healthcare plan, and life long pay plan after serving even 1 term in congress.

  • Leprechauns of Loch-Lamoura

    Leprechauns of Loch-Lamoura

    5 weeks ago

    lessons offered by Leprechans

  • The Betrayal

    The Betrayal

    18 months ago

    How could he have said those things? He should have known, he saw what I did for him, I would have stood in front of anyone in his defense; even die for him.

  • Penn 420SS and 430SS Rebuilding and Refurbishment

    Penn 420SS and 430SS Rebuilding and Refurbishment

    5 years ago

    One of the finest ultra-light Spin fisher reels came from Penn with the inception of the 420 and 430SS reels. These reels even today are bringing a premium on auction sights and vintage fishing retail facilities/ Even with their counterparts the SSG...

  • Penn 550SS, and 5500SS  Cleaning & assembly

    Penn 550SS, and 5500SS Cleaning & assembly

    3 years ago

    Penn Spinfisher rebuilding and refurbishment

  • McFilbert J Magoulahey

    McFilbert J Magoulahey

    8 weeks ago

    McFilbert J Magoulahey was a leprechaun you see He spent his time writing rhymes beneath a knotted tree On his head he wore a hat, that fit him perfectly his suit was green as clover leaves and covered chin to knee T’was his job to...

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Where is She Now?

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Where is She Now?

    18 months ago

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a story created by Ian Flemming for his son, became a classic movie that will be loved for generations to come. Where is this uncatagorical automobile now? In july of 1966 MGM Studios began screen tests for a new family...

  • Discovering Emmy's Time Out Tavern

    Discovering Emmy's Time Out Tavern

    2 years ago

    When planning a trip to Central Florida, one has an abundance of restaurants to choose from during the visit. Dining options range from the numerous chain-restaurants, to the more eloquent high-end pricey ones. Having eaten in many local hot-spots,...

  • Distant Horizons

    Distant Horizons

    3 months ago

    Chapter 1 The Storm The cool ocean breeze felt nice as it caught her auburn hair. Rachel looked longingly at the moon rising up from the ocean off in the distance. She wondered about Brock; what he was doing and if he was watching the same moon...

  • The Hunting trip (From Bayler Daniels; Tequesta Flatts)

    The Hunting trip (From Bayler Daniels; Tequesta Flatts)

    2 months ago

    Jonah had practiced many hours at home but now it was the moment of truth, all his efforts were to be tested...


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