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mybestadvice profile image


Joined 6 years ago from Canton, Ohio




I am a self-proclaimed Queen of Thrift and pride myself on the fact that I can find just about anything I need at a fraction of the price through thrift and consignment shopping.

As an ultimate party girl, every good party starts and centers around a trip to the thrift store. Motifs are chosen by availability and pricing. I am able to provide over the top party planning without the high cost of retail and am very satisfied with the results. Did I mention that I love large parties and gatherings? Yep! Sure do. Especially when I can do it at a fraction of the cost.

I am an Administrative Assistant and work a 40 hour work week and in my spare time I make jewelry for resale. Well, about that..I have been making base metal (the cheap stuff) jewelry for about two years now and would still consider myself to be an assembler at this point. I have a very short attention span, so this is one craft that I'll never run out of directions to choose from. My frugal ways are very valuable in making jewelry as many items are purchased at thrift and consignment shops and then repurposed for my own creations. My favorite things to make are wire wrapped button rings as there are so many styles of buttons that make very rich looking pieces. Being a frugal person means that I will more than likely keep my pricing low and keep using base metals for my projects to do this. I price my items at a price I would pay for them, which isn't much.

I am so dedicated to thrift store shopping that I maintain a master list of thrift stores in our area, arrange Road Rally Thrifting Tours complete with Itinerary, maintain a facebook page for members and another personal blog: dedicated to shopping local, local establishments and saving money.

I am also very active in supporting great causes and lend my advice for benefits, fundraisers and collection of goods for them.

Networking: In all of my interests I have met some wonderful people who have helped me tremendously with everything I have needed. It's amazing how in an economic state such as ours people are still willing to offer strength and support for your projects. I value these friendships / relationships and give back every chance I can. Whether it is by introducting new shoppers / clients / patrons to their establishments or showcasing them on my personal blog, it is necessary to return their favors. Without you I'd never be able to do what I do and that would make me a very sad girl!

I come from a large family and have lived in the Midwest my entire life. I have been to China and Canada and have travelled most of the eastern United States.

If I had to choose one phrase that best described me it would be that "I am easily distracted by shiny objects." Life has so much to offer and I want it all! Most of my best ideas are spontaneous and last minute, but it just works for me.

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