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"I shall die here. Every last inch of me shall perish. Except one. An inch. It's small and it's fragile and it's the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us..." - V for Vendetta

Ever since a child, I have imagined what it must feel like to have one place in this world you can call your own...where you think, question and create whatever it is you wish, and no one may ever know. Almost like fish staring with unblinking gaze at nothing at all...while somewhere, you roam distant shores.

In my mind I have found this place…and the world of words…is a little window leading into it. Within this space, I live…breathe…exist! Not a daughter, wife, mother, friend….no, the roles come later. This is the core…of one life…speaking to another. It’s what I bring to my words.. it’s what I lay bare on these pages before your eyes.

Special Moments on Hubpages:

I was honored to be nominated twice in the hubnugget competition for my hubs: Red Light Area and Life As Immigrants. Also, felt wonderful to be chosen among the top 5 most creative writers in the list of Hubbers for 2009 on HP as well as being one of the Hubbers of the Month.

Personal details:

I've spent all my life traveling and living in different countries so there is no specific culture I 'belong' to. I've done my Masters in English Literature, and am now studying for a Psychology degree at University of London. I also work as a volunteer for people with disability, juggling family life...and writing along side.

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  •  Pakistan Culture - The Grand Picture

    Pakistan Culture - The Grand Picture

    7 years ago

    I absolutely loved these marble arches... so typical of Mughal architecture. One could just go on staring for hours at the intricate patterns on the mosque ceiling; Below I have tried to capture the floral...

  • Pakistan Pictures - pakistani culture pics

    Pakistan Pictures - pakistani culture pics

    13 months ago

    PART I Having sorted through hundreds of pictures, (most of them taken myself, others on line) I have finally attempted to capture the 'essence' of Pakistan after my recent trip there.....one I shall never...

  • Forced In An Arranged Marriage

    Forced In An Arranged Marriage

    7 years ago

          Not all marriages are made in heaven. Some are made by ordinary mortals on this very worldly earth….carefully arranged with precision and detail by men playing god. There is nothing heavenly about...

  • Children In The Indian Slums

    Children In The Indian Slums

    6 years ago

    Have you ever looked at the face of a child born of poverty…looked right into his eyes, held the gaze and wondered what he was thinking? Or did you flinch, momentarily confused, and walk away relieved to be back...

  • Red Light Area of Pakistan

    Red Light Area of Pakistan

    7 years ago

    Inner city, Lahore. Image: google.com There is a certain winding road in the ancient walled city of Lahore, walking down which you come face to face with the real heart of life. Rising like the heat and sand of...