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Self employed since 1988, consulting & coaching financial products, mainly life and general insurance. Doing a career that despise by many and yet many would thank you that you did managed to sell them a policy or two after 10 0r 20 years ago. Insurance selling career can be considered the most misunderstood off all and yet I love every moment of it. To me insurance is flowing in my blood.
I think it is important to share our knowledge so that the world will be a better place to live in for everybody. By sharing actually we gain more. There so much to learn & enjoy in this world. Cheers!

Currently I am semi-retired getting my incomes mainly from, Insurance renewal business, Life annuity, investment leveraging, rental, and share & it derivatives investment.
(Awarded the Top National Agent for the year 1989-1990 with the most business, which I considered accidental)

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  • How to Keep Durian Fresh For Months

    How to Keep Durian Fresh For Months

    3 years ago

    Durian "the King of All Fruits" thou seasonal you can keep it fresh for months by deep freeze the whole fruit or the flesh itself to last you until the next season.