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  • Should I Trade Up to iPhone 5?

    Should I Trade Up to iPhone 5?

    6 months ago

    It's very confusing! I'm trying to make an informed decision on whether to upgrade my Apple iPhone 3 to a new iPhone 5. Obviously I've missed a few upgrades. I don't think I need every cell phone upgrade that comes...

  • Fortune Cookie Day - Not So Chinese

    Fortune Cookie Day - Not So Chinese

    6 months ago

    September 13th is Fortune Cookie Day! But the Chinese are absolutely befuddled with being given credit for the origin of fortune cookies. Even though these crisp cookie confections are most commonly associated with the...

  • The National Debt

    The National Debt

    6 months ago

    Everyone can agree that the U. S. National Debt is a problem that cannot be ignored. There is enough blame to go around for both parties and others as well. Regardless of how the country got to its present debt, what...

  • The Great Pumpkin Cake

    The Great Pumpkin Cake

    6 months ago

    What a great idea for a Halloween Party - a Great Pumpkin Cake. The only problem is, you won't want to cut into it. Be sure to take lots of pictures of this Halloween cake. The Great Pumpkin Cake will become a yearly...

  • Shop For Groceries Online to Save Time and Money

    Shop For Groceries Online to Save Time and Money

    6 months ago

    G rocery shopping online is a huge time and money saver. Personal shoppers load your cart and deliver your items right to your kitchen. Now available in most areas, it's worth a try. Your time can be spent doing far...