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It's strange to write about oneself but here I go, my name is James, and my interests are rather ecclectic, so it's nice to have a site where I can sit and write about many topics.

Interests include, retreats, martial arts, yoga, eastern philosophies, self sufficiency, home improvement, technology, gadgets and video games...and thats all that comes to mind...for now! This profile will be updated quite frequently with other interests and bits and bobs.

At the moment my main goal in life is to be able to life in a peaceful environment while not having to work long hours, hopefully writing this will help contribute to it slightly but even if it doesn't, it's just nice to be able to put a lot of life experiences into articles that may well be of use to someone. In all honesty I'd rather live a life thats not particuarly rich financially, but leaves one able to enjoy things, rather than being in the chaos of the city.

Just to note though, if I write an article that seems completely left of field like, sound proofing or dealing with nuisance neighbours, it's likely because I'm dealing with that, and think it's better to write out a helpful article so that someone else may benefit.

I truly hope you may get some use out of what is written!

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