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Who the heck is nicregi? No idea! :D

Hello there and thank you for dropping by! I am just a small time freelance writer and webmaster of my own domain (ReginaldChan.net). Here's a little about me:

I live in a small historical state called Melaka and I am bless with a beautiful lady in my life, Nicole. She is always there for me and it means alot for me. I love her so much and I wish to be with her every moment of my life. She was even the one who encouraged me to continue writing online. She is pretty and I feel happy by just being around her.

I love writing and travelling. I also love nature and I like being near the sea. One of the most beautiful places I ever visited was Tioman Island, Malaysia. The view and location is breath-taking.

I started writing seriously few months back and now I am trying my best to produce two hubs every three days. At the moment, my hub score is just average and I am looking forward for better improvement. I have very tight schedule thanks to my job but I am trying to find time to write.

Writing is also my secondary income as I wish to earn a little bit more money monthly. I hope I can see the $50 dollar mark soon as my first target. It will be tough but I will not give up.

As for writing, I strongly believe that when we write, we must be truthful and the facts must be right. I am glad to say that I have found my niche which is on everything about online writing. However, I am also writing on travel, humanitarian and finance.

At the same time, I am trying my best to deligate my time as I am also getting my personal blogs up at blogger.com. I have started on a slow pace with writings and finance but humanitarian and travel might take some time to complete. It is really a huge task and challenge to get all the blogs and even my hubs up on a daily basis!

For all the followers and readers out there, thank you for spending your time reading and commenting on my hubs. Hope to improve more and have a great day!

Edit (15th July 2011)

It has been a long time since I last wrote an article. I have actually stopped for 6 months and just started back. I know my hubs are totally down and dead but I am devoted to get them up in a month time. It is going to be tough but I realised that I love writing. I am going to write and there is nothing to stop me. I started a new blog on my own and feel free to visit if you like my work! Looking forward for your support :)

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