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Backlink: The Ultimate Guide On Its Usage and Promoting

Updated on January 27, 2014

Backlinking in General

You have read all the tips on writing online and top sites you can post your articles online. So you installed Google Analytics and the summary is telling you that you are not getting that much traffic as expected to be. So here come two big questions: What did you do wrong and how to solve it?

Welcome to The World of Backlinks

Backlinks, according to are incoming links to a website or a webpage. Another word, readers who click on the link will be directed to your articles. Sounds cool right? Do bear in mind that talking is always the easy part. The hard part is actually doing it. However, do not sweat it out as this hub is all about backlinks and even some of my personal tips (how stupid of me!).

I myself have always tried to promote my articles to gain more traffic. I know my articles can’t be in the first page of Google search engine if I am not working hard for them. Back linking is a tough job (and so does writing to be honest) but it is do-able. All you need is spending sometime promoting your articles. A few days backs, I seen some one asking the question, “How often do you promote your article?”, and even “Is promoting really needed for getting blog traffic and readers?”

Tip of the day: Always use backlinks with cautions as they can easily backfire on you.

One of the best backlink guides out there: Killer backlink methods for blogs

Yes for Publicity and for The Less Famous Ones

The answer is yes and no! Okay let me separate them and explain to you in detail. Yes, we all need to promote our work of art regardless it is a master piece or just another bland topic (hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game!). I started writing sometime back and yes, it is not easy to get readers to my article. I was seen jumping like a happy bunny when I saw my article hit the 5 readers mark!

For new writers, we are not famous or well known and we need all the help to ‘push’ ourselves to that certain level where some (not all) will tend to recognize us once awhile for our writings. I dare to tell you that simply by promoting, you are basically half way done to get yourself up to the community. Let not bring in the quality of the content topic into here yet, would you?

Publicity is very important for all regardless if he/she is already famous or not. If you are famous, then you are helping yourself to achieve a higher level. If you are not famous, then you are pushing through the barrier to get recognize. Back linking is a great tool as it not only promote your article but at the same time, promoting yourself as an author. This is one good way to get readers and followers.

Fact 101: You will get a nice stream of readers and followers even without promoting.

Promoting Is Not The Only Way To Get Readers And Followers

Yes you hear me out loud. Promoting is not the only way to get readers and followers to your website and blogs!

Now let me explain the ‘no’ part. I can bet with you that some of us think promoting is not important for an article. I started not to agree at first but as time pass and reading more on what people have to say (and even self experience), I feel being that they are very true and they have a very valid point.

Do you expect to get noticed forever just by promoting? I myself did a small survey which consist of two articles; one with sub-standard content and no attraction at all which I promote all the way and another with a quality content (with research done and result displayed) along with pictures and no promotion was done to it. The outcome is this:

  • A as sub-standard content, no attraction and promotions were made
  • B as quality content, lots of attractions and no promotion made

Table for results for promoting experiment 101

Subject A
Subject B
1 - 3
4 - 7
8 - 11
12 - 15
16 - 19
20 - 23
24 - 27
38 - 31
Total Views
Total Views

The date showing the importance of promoting and quality contents.

The Results Reviewed

The result is clear cut. As you can see, just by promoting, you will get readers nearly with immediate effect but how long will they actually stay and follow the articles? You can have the world best promotions and you can even do a press conference for it but in the end, you will not be getting any result. Readers all love to read rich contents instead of just pointless and lack-of-information ones.

Backlink Wheel

Simply by managing 5 of this backlink sites will do you wonders more than you can ever imagine!
Simply by managing 5 of this backlink sites will do you wonders more than you can ever imagine!

Where Do You Backlink


One of the most simple (and I consider the best ever is RedGage). Yes! RedGage is a free website and it will do wonders for you. This is the best part: RedGage is a website that pays you for your contents. You can post articles, blogs, pictures, videos and also links here. You are paid roughly USD 0.50 for every 1,000 views. If your content is good, then you will be earning even more.

What you do here is to register (you can do it by clicking here: ) and you can start posting already! On the left of the screen, you will be able to see the link button. Click it, type in your article link (last I tested, it must be in http to work) and choose your thumbnail that you like. After that, you are all set. Watch the people going to your article and reading it. The more people clicking the link, you will earn more money from it. It is a win-win situation right?

To start Redgage-ing now, check out this link:


StumbleUpon is another great site. Every time you post something new, click the share button at the end of the article and search for StumbleUpon (if you are writing for HubPages). Once you have clicked it, it will direct you to the StumbleUpon webpage and you can promote your article there. It is fairly simple and for the next few days, you will be able to see your traffic grow.

To become a stumbler, check out this link:


Digg is another website just like StumbleUpon. However, do use this website with cautions as bad articles can be ‘buried’ by others if they dislike your article. Once your article get ‘buried’, you can just say good bye to it since it will be far away from the reach of the public eyes to even click it.

To digg an article now, check out this link:

Twitter and Facebook

I am going to merge these two into one as we all use them nearly on daily basis. Posting an article here will greatly increase your readership. Hopefully with a good and interesting content, there will be more loyal readers to follow you and traffic will slowly grow. Never leave these two out as they are god of backlinks. In my opinion, they lost to RedGage as you are basically being paid for promoting your articles! I don’t think you can get any better than that!

To join Twitter, click here:

To join Facebook, click here:

Remember to add me at here and I will add you back!

Twitter IGN: Reginald_Chan

Facebook: Reginald Chan

Backlinking Will Lead You To The Gold Mine

So what are you waiting for?
So what are you waiting for?

Backlinking At Its Best

As you can see, backlinking your article is a very important step in writing online and especially to create readership, traffic and at the same time, earning money from writing. I will be writing a new and more detailed article on backlinking and the good and trust-worthy websites shortly after this. So stay tune guys!

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