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Northerntrials profile image


Joined 3 years ago




Squidoo let me showcase all my hobbies, I am hoping to continue the experience with HubPages. I have an ever expanding range of interests and hope to share them here. We'll see how far I can explore this place.

My advise to new writers. Do the quests. Join the clubs and do more quests. Read the suggestions and responses. Learn. If I can do it, so can you. Just by following the suggestions of the various club quests, I've put out numerous pages of which I have recieved many awards and even a LOTD top honors. You can too.

After taking a year off I have come back and will be expanding my pages again. Let's see where it takes me now.

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  • My Bushcraft Hobo Stove

    My Bushcraft Hobo Stove

    23 months ago

    This is my version of a hobo stove. It can be fired with wood or be used with an alcohol or solid fuel burner as well. A hobo stove is just a stove made out of re-purposed materials to do the job.

  • Revisiting Old Console Video Games

    Revisiting Old Console Video Games

    4 months ago

    Recreating old video console games by re purposing an old mini laptop computer and game controllers.

  • Save Energy On Home Heating With The Nest

    Save Energy On Home Heating With The Nest

    4 months ago

    I put off buying one of these thermostats because I couldn't justify the need as I already had a programmable thermostat at home. Since I first saw the Nest, I liked the look and the concept and I followed its progress...

  • The Milwaukee 2601 - 22 18 - A Cordless Drill Worth The Effort.

    The Milwaukee 2601 - 22 18 - A Cordless Drill Worth The Effort.

    4 months ago

    I work in the trades as an industrial electrician and I use these cordless drills every day. They stand up to the abuse of constant work with reliable long-lasting service. I am so impressed with the light weight but...

  • Fort Edmonton History Revisited

    Fort Edmonton History Revisited

    11 months ago

    I was always told when I was growing up that I was born 100 years too late. Myself I think it was more like 95 years myself. I found this out by going to Fort Edmonton Park. This park is a living museum and it divided...

  • How To Make A Simple Dreamcatcher

    How To Make A Simple Dreamcatcher

    22 months ago

    I have always loved making native crafts ever since I was a young lad. I used to make my own moccasins out of a deer skin my dad traded wood work for. I thought wearing moccasins would make me able to sneak up on...

  • How to Use a Knitting Spool

    How to Use a Knitting Spool

    21 months ago

    Here is a throwback to the seventies and even earlier. Using a modified wooden spool, a crochet hook and some yarn, one can enter the world of spool knitting, french knitting or "corking". Just making the knitted rope...

  • Bottle Gardens and Hanging Glass Terrariums

    Bottle Gardens and Hanging Glass Terrariums

    4 months ago

    Create self-contained growing environments for indoors by making a terrarium. This is step-by-step instructional tutorial on the making of a simple hanging bottle garden.

  • Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Stone Review

    Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Stone Review

    23 months ago

    Here is an alternative to chemical laden commercial antiperspirants. This naturally formed crystal will produce results if you use it correctly and give it time.

  • Natural Sourdough Bread

    Natural Sourdough Bread

    10 months ago

    There is something about the smell of homemade sourdough bread. It fills the house with its wonderful smell and makes everyone smile. Then the stomach starts rumbling. There are two components to good sourdough bread....

  • My Easy Chocolate Cake Recipes

    My Easy Chocolate Cake Recipes

    10 months ago

    You can't beat the smell of a chocolate cake just coming out of the oven. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Chocolate cake , for me goes back a long way. Every one of my birthday cakes has been a chocolate...

  • Knots You Need To Know - To Make Life Easier

    Knots You Need To Know - To Make Life Easier

    23 months ago

    Knots are a life skill few people pick up on these days. They make your daily life so much simpler and safer. It is worth every bit of time and effort to learn a few simple knots.

  • How To Make A Kite

    How To Make A Kite

    23 months ago

    Let's go fly a kite... well it is fun. Find step by step instructions to make your own kite with items found around the house. It is so easy and cheap to build, you'll be making more than one.

  • Easy Bannock Recipe - Food For Camping

    Easy Bannock Recipe - Food For Camping

    23 months ago

    Simple bannock is easy to create over the campfire, but following some of the hints found within will expand your bannock cooking and enjoyment.