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My name is Oremie and I am originally from Gambia, West Africa. No one shortens my name, although 2 cousins call me "Rems" and their brother calls me "Oremie B", my username for HubsPages, B is for Bidwell my surname.

I've lived in London for many years, too many if you ask me but I was sent to boarding school here in the UK at 12 years old. (Very young I know but my best days were school days, boarding school was fun, especially when we reached senior school.) I stayed on after school and further education, because of opportunities for work. So really Britain is home but I consider Gambia home as most of my relatives are there and I like it better than Britain, the weather for a start!

I have always wanted to write and my first book is out this month Dec 2014 - Absolute Nightmare on Dartmouth Road! It is available now on Lulu.com and soon Amazon and other sites. For all those who liked my Hub on Capricorns, there is a whole chapter on Saturn in my book.

I work at the moment as a personal trainer, so healthy living and fitness is important to me. I also like to travel (like most people) especially to exotic locations. My last big trip, which I am still getting over financially was to Beijing in 2008 for the Olympics, Hong kong and Australia. A real treat, I went with the above mentioned cousins (2 of them, 1 who lives in London, near me).

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