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I am a virtual entity - a blog-hopper, though of late I don't hop as much.

I interact with people through their comment section. Just as bloggers like to receive comments, I like to receive responses to my comment - it validates my existence.

I dabble in markets; I like dogs. I am not sure that I'll be creating hubs - as it seems that a hub is supposed to be original and informative, which I am not.

I just realized I like to look into people's minds - trying to understand what 'drives' them. (June 7, 2012)


Circumstances have forced me into cooking; I find that I quite enjoy it. Not everytime do the things I try out come out well. But still it's fun. My hubs the past month or so have been on my experiments with cooking.

-Aug 30, 2012.


I have recently acquired a cat. Oops! Sorry she has recently acquired me; I had no choice.

-Oct 27, 2012.


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